Adelphean Compass 2017: Get Ready!

Happy New Year!  Now, we get to start the year off right…..only THREE days ’til some major diamond discovery time! 16 dynamite coaches (and sisters) can’t wait to meet you, as we continue to develop leadership skills through  a lens of self, vision, action and relationships.
What can you expect?
  • Determining your natural personality type strengths
  • Learning to align your values to your larger career/life decisions
  • Having hallway heart-to-hearts
  • Gaining tips on being an inspirational role model
  • Getting the scoop on team-building
  • Experiencing plenty of Snapchattable moments
By now, you should have finished the Basic Information Survey and PreWork, at a minimum to be able to submit your “color” per the embedded link.  Got questions along the way? Email with any questions.
We’re standing by to learn how to live life on purpose with you in Las Colinas. Wheels up, Adelphean Compass attendees!
Your Adelphean Compass Team

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