Philanthropy Spotlight: Alpha Theta’s Golf Tournament & Gentleman’s Challenge

Who: Alpha Theta – University of Washingtonalphatheta

When: May 2-5th and May 7th, 2016

Where: University of Washington and Washington National Golf Club

What: The Gentleman’s Challenge and The Lion’s Share Challenge Golf Tournament

The Gentleman’s Challenge is our campus outreach event of the week. We host a croquet tournament and fraternities and other organizations pay $100 to enter a team into the competition. They also participate in a relay race and “I Spy an ADPi” promotions. We also hold a feed that is open for free to chapters that have entered a team, and open to sororities to pay $100 to attend, or any individual can come for $3. The Lion’s Share Golf Tournament is our community outreach event. The winning fraternity of the Gentleman’s Challenge is awarded a free foursome to participate in the golf tournament, and our members invite 144 other community members to play in our tournament. At the tournament we sell mulligans, host a raffle, and organize an auction as well. Overall, we raised more than $20,000 for the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, the RMHC of Western Washington and Alaska, and even contributed to the RMHC Endowment Challenge!

How did you publicize the event?  Facebook posts, flyers, pages, and events. Additionally, we had an Instagram ‘I Spy an ADPi’ challenge where fraternity members posted pictures with our members wearing letter shirts and a related hashtag. Our PR chair oversaw the creation of all materials, and the Philanthropy chair did most of the organizing and distribution.alphatheta2

What activities did you add for your guests? For golf, we changed the venue of the tournament, which increased involvement and allowed us to fill a full tournament. In previous years, we had only been able to get about 90 golfers, but this year we managed to get about 144.

What do you plan to improve/build on next year? Next year we plan to work out some logistical issues we had with the Gentleman’s Challenge in its first ever attempt and hopefully get even more teams to play in our croquet tournament. For the golf tournament, we are switching from a dinner and auction after golf to a during golf raffle for the same type of items we had previously auctioned off. The auction wasn’t very successful, but our two raffle items made almost as much money as half the auction items. Therefore we are hoping to switch everything over to raffles at check-in/at different holes, so that we don’t have to hold the auction after and don’t have to pay for dinner/a venue.


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