Team ADPi invades Chicago!

A wise person once said, “Don’t chase your dreams…run them down” and that is exactly what Team ADPi is going to be doing this weekend. For the 4th year in a row, sisters and friends of Alpha Delta Pi will join together to run 26.2 miles for Ronald McDonald House Charities in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Whether it’s their first or their fiftieth marathon, these runners have dedicated themselves to running and fundraising for a cause we all know and love. Each year more than 5.7 million children are given the gift of family togetherness thanks to the hundreds of Ronald McDonald Houses across the world. RMHC is truly a home away from home for these children and families.

At present, more than $41,000 has been raised for Team ADPi for RMHC, 68% of our goal! You can help us support this very important cause (and bring home the Big Red Shoe) by making a gift today. We are currently the team in 3rd place for fundraising but can easily Kate Tarnejump in the lead with your help.

If you are visiting the Chicago area and would like to help us cheer on our amazing runners this weekend, please come to Mile 20! We have a cheer station giving out “High Fives for Families” and would love an extra “hand”.

I’ll leave you with one of our marathon-friendly inspirational quotes of the day, made by one of the best distance runners in the world, Paul Tergat, “Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’ The answer is usually : ‘YES.'” Thank you for your continued support of Team ADPi and Ronald McDonald House Charities.


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