What Success Means to Me

Now Pogson, Annethat we have successfully raised $10,226,600 for the We Believe…Campaign for Alpha Delta Pi, the largest fundraising effort in Alpha Delta Pi history, we want to reflect on what success looks like. We asked former Alpha Delta Pi Foundation Board of Trustee and current We Believe Campaign Steering Committee Member, Anne Veale Pogson (Alpha Zeta—Southern Methodist University, 1963)…What does the success of the We Believe Campaign mean to you?

It obviously means a goal achieved and a dream begun. It started simply as writing on a flip chart in a goal setting session on September 24, 2011. It was the beginning of a new biennium and the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation Board of Trustees needed to set some strategic objectives for the years ahead. We asked Scott Mietchen, a professional fundraiser, a Phi Delta Theta, and a friend to ADPi since his late mother-in-law was an ADPi, to facilitate our goal-setting session on that Saturday in September. When Scott left us around 4 p.m., we had set goals, and among them was a lone phrase written on a flip chart: $10M-2019. So the dream began that day.

For a goal to be achieved an action plan is required. As the days passed, our dream began to have movement and take recognizable form.

Once Scott left, we needed motivators, planners, decision-makers, and background support. We had just hired Jennifer Polley Webb as our executive director. She was and is the perfect person to guide us to success. We then hired Sinclair Townes and Co., and Mark Wilkison became our fundraising counsel. His expertise has been instrumental in our success. Tracy Garner and Dawn Victor-Herring as steering committee chair and Foundation president have been perfectly placed to lead us. Success is in these individuals, and in all Trustees, Grand Council members, and Foundation administrative staff.

There is success in the numbers:

  • Bottom line of $10,000,000+
  • Number and size of each gift from: new donors; lapsed donors; loyal donors who gave more; chapters and house corporations; and our friends, husbands, business partners (vendors), and family members
  • Day of Giving-social media success raising close to $400,000 in one day—more than any other Greek organization has ever raised

Success is in the whys—why $10,000,000?

Our goal was to focus on the areas that need endowing so that resources are available when needed, and in the case for support there is something each sister can be passionate about. A passionate donor is willing to support that which touches her heart.

As we made our calls our message always shared information about what was happening with the Sorority: expansion, re-opening of dormant chapters, existing programs, DLCs, as well as a Foundation update.

Success is in each of you. You are donors, Steering Committee members, We Believe Committee members, ambassadors, and International Officers.

Thank you for Believing in Alpha Delta Pi. Thank you for encouraging others to Believe.

Success is yet to be seen but is in the empowerment given to each Alpha, Delta and Pi member who is touched by any program or scholarship endowed during the We Believe campaign. A few of them would like to say Thank You For Believing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS3OoPR9Fho.

Shall we commit to $20M by 2019?

Thank you to Anne for sharing her story. And thank you to the many sisters, friends, and family who supported our endeavors. The sky is the limit if you BELIEVE.


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