Get to Know Grand Council: Part Two

Grand Council is made up of eight alumnae, seven of whom are elected at Grand Convention, and the Executive Director who is a non-voting, ex-officio member. Council serves Alpha Delta Pi at the Strategic Level like a Board of Directors.  All members of Council are volunteers, except for the Executive Director who is an employee of the sorority.

In this series of blog posts, we will introduce you to the women who serve on Grand Council through some questions that they’ve answered. Here’s a quick introduction of these volunteers who serve our sisterhood (in alphabetical order):

Executive Director – Linda Welch Ablard

International President – Stacy De Martini Bruton

International Vice President of Alumnae – Jana Andriano Clayton

International Vice President of Organizational Relations – Sandy McDonald Davis

International Vice President of Finance – Emily Erkel

International Vice President of Collegiate Membership – Debbie Tilson Gill

International Vice President of Collegiate Membership – Jan Alexander Maisch

International Vice President of Communications – Jennifer McGhee Siler



Name a secret/hidden talent.

Linda Welch Ablard: I can make balloon animals.

Stacy De Martini Bruton: I can touch the tip of my tongue to my nose.

Jana Andriano Clayton: Home Decorator

Sandy McDonald Davis: Juggling and I love to organize things.

Emily Erkel: Tap dancer

Debbie Tilson Gill: I think my hidden talent is still hidden, but I do know how to make frames, cut mats for pictures.

Jan Alexander Maisch: I was able to water ski on my bare feet, but can still use trick skis.

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Baking


If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Linda Welch Ablard: Peanut butter sandwiches

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Rib eye (medium), thin cut French fries, and banana pudding

Jana Andriano Clayton: Mexican food

Sandy McDonald Davis: Mexican food

Emily Erkel: Berries – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries

Debbie Tilson Gill: Spaghetti with meat sauce

Jan Alexander Maisch: Seasonal salads

Jennifer McGhee Siler: French toast


What was the last text you sent?

Linda Welch Ablard: Just got home. Call after 9:15. I have one ADPi call to return.

Stacy De Martini Bruton: I sent my daughter Brooke a text that said, “Sweet dreams.  Hope you feel better tomorrow.  Love you.”

Jana Andriano Clayton: a picture from FB

Sandy McDonald Davis: To my friend Dawn,I will call you on my way to work.”

Emily Erkel: to my sister Mary planning a weekend for us to see a musical in Memphis.

Debbie Tilson Gill: I texted my daughter when we finished a Grand Council call this evening to say, “We just finished, are the twins still up, I’m on my way to get hugs before they go to bed!”

Jan Alexander Maisch: WLFEO <>

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Thanks to a neighbor for retrieving a package off my porch while we were out of town.


Are there any other Alpha Delta Pi members in your family?

Linda Welch Ablard: 3 sisters.

Stacy De Martini Bruton: I have two daughters who are Alpha Delta Pis:  Claire who was initiated at Beta Nu and Brooke who was initiated at Delta Delta.  I also have a niece Morgan who was initiated at Delta Delta.

Jana Andriano Clayton: My niece and my sister.

Sandy McDonald Davis: My younger sister Susan.

Emily Erkel: No – my dad is a Sigma Chi, two sisters are Chi Omegas and one sister is a Kappa Delta

Debbie Tilson Gill: My two daughters are ADPis.

Jan Alexander Maisch: Yes, my daughter, a niece, and a sister-in-law.

Jennifer McGhee Siler: No


What is the coolest part of being on GC?

Linda Welch Ablard: Working with amazing women.

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Being able to interact regularly with collegians and alumnae across the country.

Jana Andriano Clayton: Having the opportunity to be part of the future of ADPi.

Sandy McDonald Davis: By far, it has to be initiating new members and installing new Alpha Delta Pi chapters. Their enthusiasm and love for Alpha Delta Pi is amazing and energizing!

Emily Erkel: Performing at Leadership Seminar

Debbie Tilson Gill: Having the opportunity to be intimately involved in the Strategic Plan for the future of our sisterhood, and working with amazing sisters everyday!

Jan Alexander Maisch: It is incredible to share our ritual and traditions with thousands of alumnae and college women across the country and in Canada. It is a wonderful to see members living the values our founders left us and passing these things on to so many sisters as well as sisters who will come after them.

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Getting to meet and work with more sisters and getting to visit Memorial Headquarters on a regular basis.


How long have you been on Council?

Linda Welch Ablard: 15 years

Stacy De Martini Bruton: 5 years

Jana Andriano Clayton: 1 year

Sandy McDonald Davis: 5 years

Emily Erkel: 5 years

Debbie Tilson Gill: 1 year

Jan Alexander Maisch: 3 years

Jennifer McGhee Siler: 3 years


Who do people tell you that you look like?

Linda Welch Ablard: My mother

Stacy De Martini Bruton: My mother

Jana Andriano Clayton: Katie Couric

Sandy McDonald Davis: It’s never anyone famous. Usually my mom or my sister, which I take as a compliment.

Emily Erkel: A very minor character (no spoken lines) in Sense and Sensibility.

Debbie Tilson Gill: My dad

Jan Alexander Maisch: I grew up with three brothers, so I always used to say look for the person who looks like their sister.

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Used to be Princess Diana as we had a similar haircut for while, but no one in particular recently.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Linda Welch Ablard: Sam Elliott

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Tom Selleck has been my celebrity crush for more than 30 years.

Jana Andriano Clayton: Brad Pitt

Sandy McDonald Davis: George Clooney

Emily Erkel: Daniel Craig

Debbie Tilson Gill:

Jan Alexander Maisch: George Clooney

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Kevin Costner


What was your last home improvement project?

Linda Welch Ablard: It wasn’t last, but years ago, Gary and I with his brother and his wife, installed a hardwood floor in our Island cottage on Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. I was the chief on measuring boards and cutting them on the table saw. I can run a table saw.

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Having a new light fixture installed in the dining room.

Jana Andriano Clayton: Cleaning and organizing my closet

Sandy McDonald Davis: Painted my entryway and dining room with new carpet up the stairs.

Emily Erkel: New roof (I didn’t attempt that one myself)

Debbie Tilson Gill: Hardwood floors.

Jan Alexander Maisch: The beach house deck

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Enlarging the screened in porch.


Name one of your guilty pleasures.

Linda Welch Ablard: Dark chocolate

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Needlepoint

Jana Andriano Clayton: Shopping

Sandy McDonald Davis: I love to sit on my front porch and read all the magazines that seem to pile up.

Emily Erkel: Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Debbie Tilson Gill: Chocolate—in any form!

Jan Alexander Maisch: Getting a facial or massage

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Chocolate


What has been the best concert you’ve attended?

Linda Welch Ablard: Jimmy Buffet

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Air Supply, which gives you a hint as to how old I am.

Jana Andriano Clayton: The Rolling Stones

Sandy McDonald Davis: Elton John and Billy Joel did a concert together and it was a great show!

Emily Erkel: I took my mom to the Beach Boys – it was a fabulous show.

Debbie Tilson Gill: The Eagles

Jan Alexander Maisch: The Rolling Stones

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Elvis in the 1970’s
Come back next week for the last installment of “Get To Know Grand Council”!


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