Get to Know Grand Council: Part One

Grand Council is made up of eight alumnae, seven of whom are elected at Grand Convention, and the Executive Director who is a non-voting, ex-officio member.  Council serves Alpha Delta Pi at the Strategic Level like a Board of Directors.

In this series of blog posts, we will introduce you to the women who serve on Grand Council through some questions that they’ve answered. First, here’s a quick introduction of these volunteers who serve our sisterhood (in alphabetical order):

Executive Director – Linda Welch Ablard

International President – Stacy De Martini Bruton

International Vice President of Alumnae – Jana Andriano Clayton

International Vice President of Organizational Relations – Sandy McDonald Davis

International Vice President of Finance – Emily Erkel

International Vice President of Collegiate Membership – Debbie Tilson Gill

International Vice President of Collegiate Membership – Jan Alexander Maisch

International Vice President of Communications – Jennifer McGhee Siler

Now, read on to see what you might have in common with our Grand Council sisters!


Where were you born?

Linda Welch Ablard: Duke, OK

Stacy De Martin Bruton: New Orleans, LA

Jana Andriano Clayton: Casa Grande, AZ

Sandy McDonald Davis: Dayton, OH

Emily Erkel:  Birmingham, AL

Debbie Tilson Gill: Johnson City, TN

Jan Alexander Maisch: St. Augustine, FL

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Knoxville, TN


Where did you go to college/join Alpha Delta Pi?

Linda Welch Ablard: Oklahoma State University- Alpha Omicron Chapter

Stacy De Martin Bruton: University of Mississippi- Delta Sigma Chapter

Jana Andriano Clayton: University of San Diego, Zeta Pi- affiliated at University of Arizona – Delta Gamma Chapter

Sandy McDonald Davis: Ohio University- Xi Chapter

Emily Erkel: Baylor University- Zeta Chi Chapter

Debbie Tilson Gill: East Tennessee State University- Gamma Phi Chapter

Jan Alexander Maisch: Jacksonville University- Epsilon Omega Chapter

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Middle Tennessee State University- Epsilon Tau Chapter


What offices did you hold as a collegian?

Linda Welch Ablard: President

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Standards, Executive Vice President and Pledge Educator (now called New Member Coordinator)

Jana Andriano Clayton: Panhellenic Delegate and President

Sandy McDonald Davis: Alumnae Relations Chair, Director of Social Enrichment, and Chapter President

Emily Erkel: Sophomore Member-At-Large, EVP, President, Founders’ Day Chair

Debbie Tilson Gill: Song Leader, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Vice President of Pledge Education (now called New Member Coordinator)

Jan Alexander Maisch: Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and President

Jennifer McGhee Siler: New Member Class Secretary, Reporter-Historian, Awards Chair


How did you begin volunteering for Alpha Delta Pi?

Linda Welch Ablard: Immediately after serving as a Traveling Chapter Consultant (now called Leadership Consultant), I became what is now a Recruitment and Marketing Director.

Stacy De Martini Bruton: When my chapter went dormant, I made a commitment to myself to do whatever small part I could to help ensure no other chapter went dormant. Within a month after that, I received a call asking me to be an advisor for Eta Zeta Chapter at the University of Southern Mississippi. Even though the chapter was 2.5 hours from my home, I agreed to serve. It was one of the best decisions ever.

Jana Andriano Clayton: I was a Traveling Chapter Consultant (TCC) and was asked to serve on the Total Membership Education (TME) committee right away.  I then served as a resident counselor while I went to grad school. It became what I did as an alumna.

Sandy McDonald Davis: I got involved with my local alumnae association right after I graduated and volunteered to serve as Membership Chair. I became an International Officer about 3 years after I graduated after working with a couple of local collegiate chapters.

Emily Erkel: After serving as a Leadership Consultant (LC) and attending graduate school, Pat Evans called me and asked me to serve as a Chapter Finance Director (CFD).

Debbie Tilson Gill: My husband saw an article in the Greenville, SC paper about ADPi colonizing at Clemson University and any alumnae in the area interested in helping to call Clemson Panhellenic Office.  I called and left my number.  A few months later I got a call on a Sunday afternoon from a Traveling Collegiate Secretary (Leadership Consultant now) who said, ” I am in Clemson with Mrs. Van Akin (Grand Vice President), Miss Blake (Grand President), and Mrs. Gillespie (Director of Executive Office), and they would like to know if you would be interested in coming down here today to help with recruitment.”  Of course I said “absolutely”! So, I drove to Clemson, helped that Sunday and was asked to return for the next rounds later in the week.  At the end of the recruitment process, Mrs. Van Akin asked me to serve as the Chapter Advisor for the Zeta Nu colony!  I had been out of college for six months!  I served as Zeta Nu’s Chapter Advisor for 23 amazing years!

Jan Alexander Maisch: Our chapter advisor, Helen Glenn, gave all of us the expectation that we were required to join the ADPi alumnae association after graduation. I became an active member of the alumnae association the summer I graduated from college.

Jennifer McGhee Siler: I began serving in the alumnae association in various roles right out of college and I began my international service in 1983 when I became The Adelphean Alumnae Editor.


What do you/did you do for a living?

Linda Welch Ablard: Now, I am the Executive Director of Alpha Delta Pi. Previously, I was the Foods Editor for Southern Living and Better Homes & Garden, then I had my own consulting business.

Stacy De Martini Bruton: I am a retired lawyer who worked for 7 years in private practice and 26 years as a career law clerk for 2 different United States District Court Judges.  I am currently the managing member of two limited liability companies that own and lease commercial and residential real estate in the New Orleans Metro area.

Jana Andriano Clayton: Pharmaceutical sales and now a stay at home mom.

Sandy McDonald Davis: I am a Global Account Manager for Cisco Systems and have Procter and Gamble as my account.

Emily Erkel: Current Director of Benefits (Health and Retirement) for a telecommunications company.

Debbie Tilson Gill: I was a Speech Therapist in the public schools for eight years and a Principal for 26 years. I retired in June 2015.

Jan Alexander Maisch: Instead of focusing on my socioeconomic status, I would rather share that I am impassioned about our Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood so spend my time and effort being the CFO/COO – Chief Fun Officer and Chief Celebration Officer with my sisters. I never forget what Alpha Delta Pi has given me.  Even though I have dealt with some challenging situations, I never lost my sense of purpose. I genuinely love what I do.

Jennifer McGhee Siler: My career was spent in marketing and publishing, the majority being in book publishing at the University of Tennessee Press.


Where do you fall in the birth order of your family?

Linda Welch Ablard: Middle child

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Second child and oldest daughter

Jana Andriano Clayton: Second child

Sandy McDonald Davis: Oldest of three girls

Emily Erkel: Oldest of four girls

Debbie Tilson Gill: I am the oldest of two.

Jan Alexander Maisch: Number 3 of 4

Jennifer McGhee Siler: First


What is your favorite song of all time?

Linda Welch Ablard: My Way by Frank Sinatra

Stacy De Martini Bruton: What Child Is This? and Greensleeves

Jana Andriano Clayton: Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp

Sandy McDonald Davis: Hey Jude by the Beatles

Emily Erkel: Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations

Debbie Tilson Gill: Color My World by Chicago

Jan Alexander Maisch: I love music of all genres, but currently my favorite all time song is Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Amazing Grace


What is your favorite color?

Linda Welch Ablard: Yellow

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Emerald Green

Jana Andriano Clayton: Blue

Sandy McDonald Davis: Red

Emily Erkel: Green

Debbie Tilson Gill: Teal

Jan Alexander Maisch: Azure Blue

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Blue


What is your favorite movie of all time?

Linda Welch Ablard: Fried Green Tomatoes

Stacy De Martini Bruton: Woman in Gold

Jana Andriano Clayton: The Breakfast Club

Sandy McDonald Davis: When Harry Met Sally

Emily Erkel: While You Were Sleeping

Debbie Tilson Gill: The Sound of Music

Jan Alexander Maisch: Grease

Jennifer McGhee Siler: The Sound of Music


What is your favorite television show of all time?

Linda Welch Ablard: The Voice

Stacy De Martini Bruton: The West Wing

Jana Andriano Clayton: The Brady Bunch

Sandy McDonald Davis: The West Wing and Modern Family

Emily Erkel: The Brady Bunch- we watched reruns as children to give my mom 30 minutes a day to herself.

Debbie Tilson Gill: NCIS

Jan Alexander Maisch: Friends

Jennifer McGhee Siler: Difficult choice- I Love Lucy, NCIS and The West Wing

Be sure to come back for the next installment of “Get to Know Grand Council” and learn their secret talents, what they think the coolest part of serving on Grand Council is, and their celebrity crushes among other things!


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  1. My hidden talent. Ha Ha. Making animal balloons?

    Last home improvement project? We are getting a new deck as I type, but the last one I did personally was probably call someone to come do something!

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