Why Did You Want to Be a Leadership Consultant?

Guest Blogger: Hannah Peterson, Zeta Mu-Appalachian State University, 2016-2017 Leadership Consultant

“Why did you want to be an LC?”

Lately, I’ve had this question asked more frequently than “how are you?”

Some people genuinely want to know why I applied, and others simply don’t understand what I’m doing. It’s easier if we start from the beginning, and in doing so we must first answer my personal favorite,

“Why do you care so much?”

I was seventeen when I moved into my freshman dorm. I was nervous, anxious, and already counting down the days until my first visit home.  I wasn’t thrilled about college parties, and sorority recruitment was the last thing on my mind. I believed in every single stereotype about sorority girls. I believed them deep into my soul. I thought sorority girls were just dumb, pretty girls that went to parties and hosted a cutesy fundraiser every now and then. At one time I literally said, “I don’t need to pay for my friends.” … It is an actual miracle that I registered for sorority recruitment.

Flash forward to life after bid day and things didn’t feel that different. I did, however, own the same t-shirt as a hundred other girls on my campus, and I exchanged a few more friendly waves on my way to class. The impact Alpha Delta Pi had on me was not immediate; in fact, I was terrified of my own organization even after I was in it. The sorority intimidated the crap out of me.

I’ve heard it said that life begins outside your comfort zone, and well honestly, ADPi wasn’t just chilling outside of it; it was miles away from anything I was familiar with. So, why did I stay? I stayed because before my anxiety got the best of me, it became very clear I joined a group of women that saw something in me that I didn’t even know existed.

I was encouraged to be myself, to take leadership positions because someone thought I’d be good at something. I had older women reaching out to me because they saw characteristics in me that they admired. I had women in my major take me to club meetings, and I had women to go to if I was going through anything and everything. I had mentors and therapists at my disposal. I had over a hundred new sisters that are the reason I care so much.

My time in Alpha Delta Pi as an undergrad has shaped me into the person I am today which is largely why I wanted to be an LC. Every Alpha Delta Pi member has the privilege of having an experience just like mine. She is capable of anything, and she should be reminded of that constantly.

I want to give back to the organization that allowed me to grow into the woman I always wanted to be. Without ADPi I wouldn’t have found myself or my confidence. I wouldn’t have half the bullets on my resume, and I wouldn’t have the smile on my face right now as I type this post.

I am so excited to not only meet and work with sisters from all over, but also to continue to grow and learn about myself in the process. ADPi has challenged me to be the best version of myself and I couldn’t have asked for anything else from my sorority.


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