The Interns are ‘Macon’ Memories

Guest Blogger: Katie Casey, Gamma Kappa-West Virginia Wesleyan College, Executive Office Intern

It was an incredible day to be an Executive Office Intern! With the company of Meg Hoffay and Liz Jackson, we all headed to Macon to see historical sites relating to Alpha Delta Pi.

First stop: The Cannonball House.


This house is a very special place for the sisters of not only Alpha Delta Pi but also the members of Phi Mu. There are two rooms in the Cannonball House; one with many Alpha Delta Pi artifacts and another with Phi Mu artifacts. Sister Molly Wilkins serves as a new Director at The Cannonball House. She was gracious enough to tell us stories and guide us through our tour of Macon. The Cannonball House was built long ago and was actually struck by a cannonball during the Civil War. Both parlors are furnished with accessories from the original Wesleyan building… Talk about living history!

All of our Founders’ original portraits cover the walls in the parlor. There was even a glass box which displayed the progression of our pins all the way from 1869 until now. It was so interesting to see the big and little changes of our pin. Over 20 pieces of Alpha Delta Pi jewelry were on display. Imagine yourself standing in a room surrounded by furniture and artifacts that Adelpheans once used in their everyday lives. To help put the room into perspective; our founders were writing in the journals on display before chocolate was even invented. That’s how old everything was!

Second Stop: Rose Hill Cemetery.

After following a few narrow and windy roads, we found ourselves at the grave site of Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald. Her headstone clearly labels her as a Founder of Alpha Delta Pi. It was interesting standing at her grave and thinking about how one woman created an organization that affected thousands of people.cemetery

Just a short commute away we also found Mary Evans Glass’ grave. While we were standing around her grave Molly read us a speech that Mary gave at a summer convention. The speech consisted of the hard lives that the Adelpheans went through which isn’t always known by people. From not having enough firewood to supply to heat in their rooms (they even had to steal some) to having to be escorted by professors on each side of them anytime in public. Can you imagine? I speak for the whole group in saying we all got a few chills hearing the words of Mary Evans Glass.

Third Stop: Wesleyan Female College

In the Alumni Office of Wesleyan College there are display cases full of Alpha Delta Pi paraphernalia. Pins, pictures, and journals are just some of the many artifacts on display. Even the sign-in book had some history to it from previous leadership consultants and past Grand Council Presidents. We even flipped back through the pages and found names of our chapter sisters from 2012 who visited while attending the Adelphean Compass track.

The original Wesleyan College relocated after our Alpha Chapter closed. At the new location our name can be found in several places. The entry gates of Wesleyan were donated by Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Mu in 2001. I think the coolest part visiting Wesleyan was seeing the Memorial Fountain. It’s guarded by two lion statues and the water was crystal clear. The interns had all seen pictures of past Leadership Consultants/Interns in the fountain so it was fun that we got to recreate their pictures. The names of some of our founders were written on the steps and there was a beautiful stone plaque in memory of the amazing founders of Alpha Delta Pi.wesleyan

After a long day of adventures all the interns were exhausted. This internship has given us all the opportunity to expand our knowledge about Alpha Delta Pi. We continuously love learning more information and exploring amazing sites during our time in Atlanta!


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