How Sisterhood Changed Overnight

Guest Blogger: Shannon Marlowe, Theta Nu-Christopher Newport University

My bags are repacked, notebook is full, and my first flight to home is about to take off. After a long weekend of making new sister-friends, learning about leadership (and myself), countless pictures, and some yummy meals, I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for my Alpha Delta Pi sisters, near and far. You’ve probably heard it said that sisterhood isn’t for four years, that it is for life. This weekend, in the Adelphean Compass track, I saw this first hand: women helping other women through every facet of life no matter the circumstances, a.k.a.- sisterhood.



When I found my home in Alpha Delta Pi in the Spring of 2014, I knew immediately I was a part of something special. I was so excited to be part of so much history; I read everything in my Alpha packet three times over, went to every event, and dreamed of becoming a leader in my chapter. When I became Chapter President and realized I would get to attend Leadership Seminar this summer, I was over the moon with anticipation and excitement.

This weekend, I attended the Adelphean Compass track at Leadership Seminar for Chapter Presidents to expand on their own leadership skills by learning how to focus on their values, create a vision, learn how to take action effectively, and so much more. Our facilitators were incredible Alpha Delta Pi alumnae sisters with a variety of experience and vast knowledge of leadership who came together to teach us how to lead with self, vision, action and relationships.

As a result of the sessions and seminars and presentations, I learned about my emotional intelligence, my tolerance for change and the unknown, more about my personality type, and how to create a personal mission and vision statement. I also deepened my skills in making effective decisions, when and how to delegate, and so much more. Our facilitators taught us through videos, discussion, slideshows, acting, and reading but probably didn’t realize the most important lesson they were teaching us: that sisterhood knows no bounds.2

Women from across the country (and Canada) came together to celebrate Alpha Delta Pi this weekend, leaving their homes, families and careers behind for a few days and showed us collegians that sisterhood remains the same over time. It is supportive and inspiring; it challenges you and helps you grow. The Adelphean Compass facilitators and other women at Leadership Seminar, from women in their 2nd year of membership up to women who have been blessed to call Alpha Delta Pi home for 40 years, showed me first hand how3 a sisterhood of women lifting each other up and inspiring each other can be so powerful. It can shape and mold women into whatever they aspire to be and is there through the good times and the bad, especially with the help of organizations like the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. It was an out-of-body experience to listen to such successful women speak and give advice, and I continuously had to pinch myself remembering that they are my sisters.

I’ll head back to my chapter in just a few weeks, and as the semester starts and we all settle back into our everyday routines, I’m challenging myself to remember some of the key takeaways I learned at Leadership Seminar and the Adelphean Compass track, and to keep in mind my favorite quote from the weekend: “Start everyday like its your bid day.”


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