GreekYearbook Does LS 2016

Guest Blogger: Kayla Coffey, GreekYearbook

Our time spent photographing the 2016 Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Seminar was certainly memorable. We were able to surround ourselves with such kind, courteous and genuine women throughout our stay in Dallas, TX. It wasn’t hard to capture the love, sisterhood and beaming smiles that adorned the faces of ADPi sisters, alumnae and guests. The leadership seminar reminded not only us, proud Greek alumni, but sorority sisters everywhere that people don’t join sororities, they join people. The bonds that Alpha Delta Pi sisters have between one another is stronger than anyone could imagine! It is always a pleasure to be a part of the experience that truly IMPACTs so many strong, confident leaders.

The leadership building that occurred throughout the weekend inspired sisters to shine even brighter next year as they continue to build on their founder’s values and goals. The weekend was filled with such amazing events and speakers. It’s hard to pick just one, but we loved listening to Kayley-Jean’s inspiring words and watching the Grand Council tear up the dance floor! Our sincere congrats go out to all the chapters that went above and beyond this year!

Attending and photographing this year’s Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Seminar was very special! We were able to help capture the amazing event that sets forward the leadership and goals for the next generation of Alpha Delta Pi. We are positive that Alpha Delta Pi will continue to wow us for years to come! Again, we thank you for letting us be there for such an amazing event!

Written by GreekYearbook



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