LS: An International Officer Tells All

Guest Blogger: Joanie Oben, Gamma Delta-University of Miami, Total Membership Education Director for District I

Hi sisters, I’m Joanie Oben. I’m a Gamma Delta alumna (Go ‘Canes) who is attending Leadership Seminar for the third time but the FIRST as an International Officer.

International Officers come from every district and all around the continent. We keep in touch with each other via email or conference calls but the summer meeting is the only time where we can get together as a group in person.

International Officers spend two full days with each other in meetings but they’re anything but boring. We play “get to know you” ice breakers, dive deep into programming content, and work together to move our districts forward.

I am moving into my second year as a Total Membership Education Director for District I. Friday was spent with my TMED sisters. We talked at length about the issues our collegians are facing, working on increasing our knowledge of ritual and trying to make TME have its best year yet. Be on the lookout for some new exciting things coming from TME this year!

The second day was spent learning about millennials from the wonderful JJ Jones and then passing away the hours with my District I Team. We started off with an icebreaker I adapted for ADPi called Inside Out. I chose topics about ADPi, being an IO and summer meetings. It was a lot of fun getting to know my IO sisters a little bit better. Check it out below to learn how to use it with your chapters, alumnae associations and house corporations.

During our district meeting, we went over the strategic and tactical plans of the organization, learned about new National Panhellenic Conference policies and worked as a team to identify the chapters who will need additional IO support in the coming year.

It wasn’t all #WorkWorkWorkWorkWork. I even got to spend a little time meeting the collegians from my chapter, Gamma Delta. We all know it’s all about the U.

I can’t wait to attend Grand Convention next summer in Hollywood, Florida, and further strengthen these bonds of sisterhood with my fellow International Officers.

Inside Out Icebreaker Game

This game works best for medium groups of 20-30 people. The group can use this game as a “get to know you” game or as a way to make deeper connections with sisters you’ve known for a while.

  1. Create two circles one inside the other.
  2. The sisters in the inside circle face the outside circle. If you have an odd number, there will be one group of three.
  3. Inform the group that they will be moving during this activity.
  4. Create a number of topics for them to discuss. These topics can be more general like what’s your favorite thing about ADPi or it can go deeper… what are you passionate about?
  5. Give the group the first topic to discuss. Set a timer for one minute and have the sisters introduce themselves and then discuss the topic.
  6. When the timer dings, have the groups move. I had each sister move one person to the right. This movement insures that they get a new partner every time.
  7. Repeat the discussion and movement as needed.
  8. Four to five rounds will work best for this exercise.



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