What’s Your IMPACT Going to Be?

Guest Blogger: Carley Chatterly, Theta Gamma-Sonoma State University, Executive Office Intern

As the third day of Leadership Seminar 2016 is coming to a close, the IMPACT track is feeling excited to embark on our journeys as Alpha Delta Pi women with the knowledge of being confident leaders. Through a group setting we have focused on learning how to live our ritual in our everyday lives, what our true values are and how to honor them through every situation, and, ultimately, how to become inspiring and knowledgable leaders.

We started off the day bright and early with our small pride groups, talking about how conflicting values can arise when we begin to use our ritual in our every day lives. Not everyone has the same values and that’s what makes us all so special and unique.

Shortly after, we got in our giant IMPACT group and began to play a community building activity. We were split into small “towns” of people where we had to compromise with other “towns” to make important decisions where everyone may not benefit from but in the end it is the most far and compromising decision. This is exactly how being a leader is. You can’t always win every battle or discussion, but you must be able to be flexible in order to find an agreeable solution with all the participants.

We were lucky enough to then have Tammie Pinkston talk to us about initiating change and how that may affect people. The main quote I took away from her presimpact3entation would have to be “you can complain all you want… as long as you have a good solution.” This quote really stuck out to me because many people including myself are the first to complain when something goes wrong or change occurs, but we don’t have a better solution either. I am now able to see how that affects a group of people and how to create a conversation that addresses these issues.
The last take away I want to talk about is the conclusion of our pride groups. We were handed a piece of paper and told to write a letter to ourselves. We had to write a letter which will be mailed six months from now about what I will want to remember from Leadership Seminar. This process of addressing yourself, makes you take a second and step back and realize how much you have been transformed this weekend.

This has been an incredible weekend, and we have learned so much to better ourselves as sisters and as women. Like we said a lot today, “I am Alpha Delta Pi, and We Live For Each Other.”

Carley Chatterley


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