Adelphean Compass: Leading With Vision

Guest Blogger: Quinn Moran, Pi-Iowa State University, Executive Office Intern

It has been a wonderful second day at Leadership Seminar on the Adelphean Compass track! Our track consists of Chapter Leaders including Presidents and other officers. The main focus of Adelphean Compass is leading with four major components; leading with self, vision, action, and relationships. Throughout the course of Leadership Seminar, we will break down these major themes into smaller sections, allowing us to dive deeper into how these leadership techniques can be implemented into our chapters.

We began today by focusing on the first topic, leading with self. Tammie Pinkston, our main facilitator and past International President, spoke about how we must first identify our values, and while living them, remain authentic with our sisters. Ms. Pinkston challenged us to talk about the tough things with our chapters, because it is in the tough moments that we truly develop as leaders and women.

Throughout the course of the morning we attended various speakers, starting by examining our emotional intelligence, or our EQ. We learned that it is important to understand our own emotions first, in order to interpret the emotions of others and lead them in an effective manner. Next, we talked about learning styles, realizing that we must understand that not all those we lead learn in the same way, and we must step out of our comfort zone in order to truly grow. Finally, we focused on moving toward change and how change is inevitable. We must make decisions on what we know and not get caught up on the unknowns in our lives.

After lunch, we had the opportunity to hear from Mary Simeoli about Mean Girls, the women who feel the need to put others down in order to advance their self esteem. We learned that competing with other women will do us no good, but that we should surround ourselves with inspirational women, and stand near them, because it makes us shine even brighter.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in our small groups, discussing the topics of the day more in depth and talking about our highlights of the day. We bounced ideas for our chapters off of one another and discussed everything, learning from one another.


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