5 Reasons to Engage in Adelphean Compass

Leadership Seminar is a couple weeks away, which mean another group of women will soon experience Alpha Delta Pi’s signature leadership program, Adelphean Compass. First launched in 2010, Adelphean Compass focuses on leadership through self, vision, action and relationships. The Adelphean Compass Team has a lot planned to help you grow in your leadership style and skills, but as with most experiences, we need you to engage so that you can get the most out of this weekend as possible. Our team shares how to get the most out of our weekend together:

  1. Strive for your best self: While this program was created for Chapter Presidents and collegiate officers, Adelphean Compass is a great opportunity to do some “soul-searching.” While it can be hard to critique yourself, honest evaluation of where you are at in your leadership journey will allow you to identify areas for personal growth.
  2. Find your “people”: This track is filled with go-getters just like you! You have the opportunity to find like-minded women who have a passion for leadership, change and our sisterhood. By engaging in your small group and in sessions, you’ll make connections with other officers who will be able to support and encourage you long after the weekend is over! We have a feeling the sisters who meet this weekend will soon become forever friends.
  3. Ask for Help: Leaders many time identify asking for help as a sign of weakness. It’s time to throw that notion out the window. Throughout the program, if you’re having a hard time understanding a concept or want to learn more about something discussed, reach out to your small group leader or the facilitator of that session! You’ll be happy you asked, and you just may make an important connection along the way.
  4. Speak Up: Use your small group to reflect, discussion further or bounce ideas off each other. Voice your opinion or share an experience or idea during a session. The more we all participate, the more the group as a whole will learn and be successful. Don’t be afraid to get on the mic and tell your story!
  5. Think about your chapter and beyond: Many of you may be entering into your final year of college. The most fantastic thing about Adelphean Compass is its application in your future profession and life after college. While some examples may focus on chapter life, we challenge you to think about how these skills can be applicable in the workplace or in your relationships outside your Alpha Delta Pi sisters.

BONUS: Although you’ll be learning A LOT, this weekend is the opportunity for you to have a new and most memorable Alpha Delta Pi experience surrounded by incredible sisters. Lean in, meet new women, share views and record your time (whether in your notebook or on Snapchat) as we grow in our leadership!


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