Why Recruitment Spirit Week At Leadership Seminar?

We’re just DAYS away from Leadership Seminar and the start of the Recruitment & Marketing track! Excited doesn’t begin to describe how we’re feeling about ADPi: Made to Shine, and we hope you’re ready to love, obsess and learn all thing recruitment and marketing over the weekend. If you aren’t joining us at LS, be sure to follow our track using the hashtag, #ADPiShines. We wish you could be there, but hope you’ll join in on the fun via social media!

Before You Come

By now, we hope you’ve finished your short pre-work activity! We want you to bring your A-game and your pre-work next weekend to set yourself up for success. For a refresher on what we’ll be doing each day, be sure to check out the schedule!

If you haven’t start packing, get to work, sister! We sent out a Look Book earlier this summer, so check that guide when you’re creating your list. There are a couple days that we are requesting you wear something specific!

While You’re Here (and Why You’re Here!)

While Leadership Seminar is a great chance for a getaway and to meet lots of new sister-friends, we want you to make the most of your time during ADPi: Made to Shine. So why does this weekend matter? And why should you engage?

We could list a million reasons why the Recruitment & Marketing track matter, but just to review a few:

  • Time to Refresh: If you’re out of ideas, or tired of presenting the same conversation workshops, then you are about to be blown away by the resources that we’re rolling out next week! From workshops to strategy pieces, the Recruitment and Marketing Directors have just what you and your chapter need to succeed.
  • Opportunity to Re-engage: Whether you’re preparing for formal recruitment or you just completed recruitment this past spring, we all need some motivation! You’re midway through your officer term, and sometimes we can lose focus and enthusiasm. Never fear – you will leave this weekend engaged, energized and excited for the semester to come!
  • Prepare for the Future: Not only does Recruitment and Marketing ensure the future of our chapters and organization as a whole, but it also helps you prepare for your individual future. Conversation, organization, problem-solving, strategy-building are all skills that we will touch on during the track that translate into your future role and profession. Recruitment and marketing is a 365-day job during your college years and beyond!

The Promised Swag

We told you there would be swag, so we are getting the party started before you arrive! The RMDs have created custom lock screens, wallpaper, and cover images to deck out your phone, laptops, and social media to show your love for all things Alpha Delta Pi (and recruitment and marketing!)

Click HERE to download!

Wallpaper (1)

Speaking of downloads, don’t forget to download the Alpha Delta Pi Conference App on your phone. You’ll be able to find the schedule, hotel layout, receive important notifications and much more. You’ll definitely want to download and set up your account on the app prior to your arrival.

The countdown is on! We can’t wait for you to be in Dallas. Don’t forget to document your travels and weekend via Twitter (@alphadeltapi), Instagram (@alphadeltapi), Facebook and SnapChat (alphadeltapieo) using #ADPiLS and #ADPiShines.

See you so soon, sisters!


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