Leadership Seminar: Decoding Your Track

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Confused about the three Tracks at Leadership Seminar? Don’t Worry! Here’s Your Guide!

For those who might not be attending Leadership Seminar, and even for some who are, the three different programs can be a bit confusing. We’re hoping that this blog post explains helps you understand the difference between the three.

Adelphean Compass

The Adelphean Compass leadership program is one of Alpha Delta Pi’s signature leadership programs designed specifically for women and emphasizes a focus on Leading with Self, Vision, Action, and Relationships. Held in the summer of even numbered years, the program is attended by chapter presidents and is funded by a generous grant from the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation.

Adelphean CompassLeading with Self centers on self-awareness, managing stress, and working with and supporting other women, while Leading with Action focuses on structures, systems, and processes, effective decision making, and accountability. In Leading with Relationships, participants gain an understanding of different perspectives and motivations, what it means to commit, how to establish trust, building teams, creating shared values, and how to navigate relationship roadblocks. Finally, in Leading with Vision participants learn to take initiative, clarify a strategic focus, and act as an inspirational role model.

As a result of The Adelphean Compass, participants:

  • Emerge as stronger leaders through the intentional application and embodiment of Alpha Delta Pi values
  • Receive and share the knowledge and tools to empower others to be authentic leaders
  • Commit to do their best in whatever they undertake throughout their lifetime as a member of Alpha Delta Pi
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness as a foundation for more effective leadership
  • Establish and articulate their personal and professional vision
  • Recognize the required actions and obligations of leadership
  • Value the importance and dynamics of relationships for leadership


At the end of the program, each participant documents a commitment stating what they have learned and how they will apply it to their chapter and their everyday life. #AdelpheanCompass16


IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi

IMPACT Logo Tee Shirt 2016-02Emerging collegiate leaders, rising sophomores and juniors, will take part in the values-based program, IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi.  This leadership development program is based on The Creed of Alpha Delta Pi and will offer an opportunity for emerging collegiate leaders to learn how to address major issues facing Alpha Delta Pi and their chapters.

IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi will offer an intense living-learning community experience for Alpha Delta Pi emerging leaders.  The learning and sharing that occurs through informal gatherings and discussions will be just as relevant and important as the structured experience.

IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi will offer a unified curriculum to all participants.  All sessions will feature hands-on experiential activities and ample discussion time designed to assist each IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi participant in developing her desired leadership skills, identifying new ideas and developing concrete plans for the sorority and her future.  Pride meetings held throughout the weekend will complement major sessions.

*Please note: all IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi participants should bring an item of personal significance. This can be a family photo, jewelry or other memento.  Please make sure to bring your item with you to your first meeting. #IMPACTADPi

IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi will focus on the following key commitment areas:


  • Explore your potential as leaders and accomplished women.
  • Be challenged to be values-centered leaders.
  • Be influenced to uphold the values of Alpha Delta Pi and the obligations you signed.


  • Influence the future of Alpha Delta Pi and your chapters.
  • Leave having developed a strong support system on which you can rely as you facilitate change.
  • Become “torch-bearers” for Alpha Delta Pi.


  • Strive for effective communication and collaboration among members.
  • Be challenged to keep the purpose of Alpha Delta Pi in the forefront of decision making for yourselves and your chapters.
  • Reinforce your loyalty and commitment to Alpha Delta Pi.


  • Develop expectations for personal change as a result of IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi.
  • Develop an action agenda for enhanced sorority effectiveness.
  • Affirm your values by writing a leadership opus, which will guide your decision-making and leadership process.


  • Establish a “community” at IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi with shared responsibilities for any outcomes.
  • Recognize signs of unhealthy competition within Greek and campus communities that inhibit community development.
  • Discover a healthy chapter identity in conjunction with understanding your role in creating a positive and sustaining community.


  • Explore possible, enhance current and create new communication channels between the international organization, alumnae, chapters and collegiate members.
  • Develop and commit to change initiatives designed to affect the greater good of Alpha Delta Pi.


Shine Bright like a Diamond – The Recruitment & Marketing Track

R&M Logo BlueLike diamonds, our recruitment and marketing strategies must be multi-faceted. Our chapters will only “sparkle” with careful practice, expert technique, regular polishing and a plan that has clarity and is focused on flawlessness. Join us to explore ways that ADPi was “Made to Shine.” This track is new this year and was created to assist each chapter in developing a recruitment and marketing plan that will help the chapter excel and encourage every member to shine brighter in ADPi. Additionally, a speaker from Phired Up Productions, a nationally recognized resource in the recruitment field, will work with participants sharing vital information about the art and science of recruitment and explaining, in a fun and powerful way, why people and relationships matter in recruiting new members. We hope that advisors and recruitment team members alike, will learn more about helping their chapter “Shine Bright like a Diamond.” #ADPiShines

Thank you to the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation and it’s donors for funding these programs!


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