What to Pack for Leadership Seminar



Leadership Seminar is just over a week away and many sisters are starting to think about what they need to pack in their suitcase. We know the guidelines can be a little tricky so we’ve created a quick guide with some outfit inspiration.

First things first. What is resort casual anyway? Resort Casual attire means dresses, slacks, casual skirts, Capri or cropped pants paired with appropriate tops, sweater sets or blouses. If you have ever been to Grand Convention or District Leadership Conference, the dress code is basically the same with a few exceptions. The last dinner at LS is not as formal as the banquet night at Convention. Chapter polos and cardigans are acceptable but we would like for you to stray away from the types of outfits with t-shirts you would see at DLC.

Don’t forget, Friday night is a fun night! It is western-wear with ADPi tee shirts and denim will be allowed for this night only! It should be worn tastefully and denim shorts or miniskirts are not allowed. Think of darker washes, longer hems, and no ripped jeans.

Please note that this night is the only time during Leadership Seminar that you are allowed to wear denim and denim is NOT allowed during any other time during LS. 

You are encouraged to dress comfortably, be ready to learn and prepared to enjoy all of the activities of the 2016 summer meetings. The hotel meeting rooms tend to be a bit cool, so bring a light jacket or sweater if you get chilly.

Still stumped on what to wear? Check out what our past attendees wore!

Travel with your letters, but bring resort-wear for the rest of the event like these tan capri pants and a fun blazer!
Be sure to bring a cozy cardigan or jacket for the chilly conference rooms!
Dress pants, appropriate skirts, and dresses are all great for sessions. Add a scarf for a little warmth!
Tons of pictures will be taken so wear what you love!

Now that you have your outfits packed… Don’t forget!

  • Don’t forget to bring extra money for Boutique Greek and Herff Jones. You might also want to leave room in your suitcase for your new goodies.
  • A pen for taking notes!
  • A power strip for extra outlet space. You never know when you would need it!
  • A positive attitude and a willingness to learn


Do you have your outfits already planned? Have any good packing tips to share?
Leave them in the comments section!


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