17 Reasons You’re Ready for the Recruitment & Marketing Track

  1. You’ve already begun packing: As we mentioned in our last email, we have a Look Book created for Recruitment & Marketing Track participants! Don’t forget to look it over as you begin to pack (Who says a month is too early?).
  2. You’ve memorized the schedule: You go, girl! If you haven’t had a chance to fully memorize, here’s a sneak peek of the fun we have in store for you.
  3. You can’t wait to meet new sisters: Leadership Seminar is the perfect place to meet new forever friends, and in the Recruitment & Marketing Track, you’ll get the opportunity to meet sisters who LOVE R&M as much as you do. The opportunities are endless to meet new friends, whether it be over a meal, in your breakout sessions, in small groups or just riding the elevator down in the morning.Gamma Xi Azure Blue
  4. You’re looking forward to hours of Idea Sharing: If your favorite part of DLC is the portion of officer breakout sessions where you share ideas, then imagine a whole weekend where we can pick each other’s brains. Come with your best practices, and don’t be afraid to seek out sisters to learn more about what their chapter excels at.
  5. You’re excited to meet your roomie: In addition to all the other fabulous sisters you will meet (or reunited with!) at Leadership Seminar, you’re pumped to meet your roommate! Chances are you’ll become fast friends as you keep each other on time and looking stylish throughout the weekend.
  6. You have the perfect travel Instagram Hashtag: The Recruitment & Marketing Track will give you loads of picture-perfect moments to document! Don’t forget to use our official hashtag, #ADPiShines, throughout the weekend so that sisters from across the country can follow the fun.
  7. You’re interested to see what the Recruitment and Marketing Directors have up their sleeves: From RMD Barbies at Grand Convention last summer to Mock Bid Day Madness at DLC this winter, the RMDs always have a few surprises when sisters gather together! You don’t want to miss out on the fun this summer.Zeta Mu 1
  8. You’ve been dying to meet Grand Council: Throughout the weekend, you’ll see your favorite ADPi-idols, from Grand Council members to your favorite International Officer! Be sure to take the chance to introduce yourself to these sisters – remember life is about the connections you make.
  9. You’re looking forward to a vacation: Whether you’re working, interning or in the classroom the summer, the Recruitment & Marketing Track is the perfect getaway to get you going until you are reunited with your chapter sisters this fall.
  10. You’re in need of new resources and examples: Never fear, sister! The Recruitment and Marketing Directors have been hard at work this past year collecting best practices, sample workshops and new resources to refresh your files. Get ready to be blown away!
  11. You’re prepared to network: Leadership Seminar is not just about meeting your peers – it’s an unparalleled chance to network! Alpha Delta Pi boosts hundreds of very talented and bright alumnae. By making connections at LS, you could secure great advice in your career or next steps down the road from a sister who’s been through that chapter already.
  12. You love awards: In addition to the Recruitment &Marketing Track, you’ll be in attendance for the awards dinner! Fingers crossed your chapter brings home the top honors.
  13. Two words – Dance Parties: Get ready for lots of dancing and Spirit Breaks as we rock our way through the weekend!Bid Day Hug-03
  14. You see this weekend as a chance for personal growth: You’ve heard this many times, but so much knowledge from the Recruitment & Marketing world translates into real life skills! Take this weekend as an opportunity to brush up on your personal and professional skills – we guarantee conversation practice will help you in graduate school or job interviews, and your revamped marketing and social media practices will help on your personal platforms.
  15. You hear there will be swag: Of course! Participants will bring home plenty of loot to help them shine as leaders.
  16. You’re ready to breath, love and obsessed all things Alpha Delta Pi: Just as you do during Spirit Week, Formal Recruitment, Diamond Days (or really any occasion), this track is the perfect excuse to fall in love with ADPi all over again – as if you needed an excuse! It’s time to take off your “cool hat” and join in with sisters who have a deep love of our sisterhood and are looking for the best ways to continue our legacy way into the future.
  17. You want to make your chapter the best it can be: If this is your mindset, then success is already shining bright! Come into the Recruitment & Marketing Track ready to learn, but also spend time throughout the weekend thinking about how you can bring what you learned back to your own chapter. We’re ready to give you the tool, but we’re counting on you to implement it back home!


  1. Well done sisters. Well done. I am so excited! I want to attend the recruitment track!!

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