Five Things to do When You Graduate

The countdown is on…by now you have achieved Pi status and only have graduation holding you back from the real world! Worried you’ll feel the FOMO in post-college life? Check out some ways you can keep in touch!

  1. Update your information on Pride Online

Alpha Delta Pi is forever, and we love to keep our alumnae in the know! Remember how long it’s been since you updated your contact information with ADPi? Probably a while, maybe even the same as freshman year! Change your info to wherever you’re heading next, whether it’s home for a while or your amazing new apartment (hello, freedom!) Then, update your email to your personal account so that you never miss out on important info about anniversary events or volunteer opportunities that we would love for you to be involved in!

  1. Watch the Alumnae Life video

Under Alumnae Resources on Pride Online, we’ve created a video on how to transition into the role of being an alumna. It has great ideas on how to stay involved and volunteer time to Alpha Delta Pi beyond your college years.

Alpha Iota - University of Pittsburgh
Alpha Iota – University of Pittsburgh
  1. Join an Alumnae Association

Moving to a new city or want to reach out to other ADPi sisters in your area? Need to make some connections in your career? We have alumnae associations all over the country just waiting for you to join! There, you can continue supporting RMH and holding fundraisers to give scholarships to collegiate sisters, or just meet up for happy hour and make new sister friends! Head over to our website, Find an Association, and shoot them an email. Many Alumnae Associations also have Facebook and Twitter pages, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

  1. Give Back

ReMember Dues are not required but are a great way to give back to Alpha Delta Pi. The funds raised through ReMember Dues are used to assist chapters facing challenges, the organization of alumnae associations, and expansion to new campuses. Alpha Delta Pi is a nonprofit organization, so we need our members to help in order to make this sisterhood the best it can be, for as little as $30 a year!

Another way to give back is through the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, which has a special giving society for alumnae who were initiated in the last 13 years. For $18.51 a month, you will receive the status of being a member of the Octavia Andrew Rush Society, an unrestricted annual fund (our area of greatest need) in support of our sisters. Learn more and fill out your enrollment form here.

Gamma Rho - Arizona State University
Gamma Rho – Arizona State University
  1. Get familiar with Potential New Member Forms

As an alumna, you can now fill out Potential New Member forms for undergrads who are looking to join Alpha Delta Pi! Chances are you may have a younger friend who is getting ready to head off to college and is interested in Greek life. They might not know that getting a little help during recruitment is possible, so reach out to them and offer to fill out a recommendation! Also, if you have a little sister who would like to go through recruitment, don’t forget about Legacy Introduction Forms!

We strive to help our young graduates be successful in their post-college careers and personal lives. Alpha Delta Pi is more than a fond memory, it is a lifetime membership.



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  1. One of the best messages of the year. We need one of these for freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

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