Sisters Traveling the Distance

No matter where she calls home or what career path she chooses to pursue, an Alpha Delta Pi sister always makes time to reunite with other sisters and enjoy each other’s company.

Grand Council Travel-01

This month, sisters on Grand Council met for a time of companionship and discussion at Memorial Headquarters in Atlanta, GA.  We know every sorority girl struggles with packing from time to time ­– over packing, under packing and seemingly always forgetting the one shirt you were dying to wear. So how do Council members pack for their weekend together?

See if you can match each council member with the item she can’t travel without:

(Check the end of the blog for answers!)

  1. Debbie                                                       A. Computer and back-up charger
  2. Emily                                                          B. Monogrammed throw for chilly meeting rooms
  3. Jan                                                              C. Journal
  4. Jana                                                            D. Magnifying make-up mirror
  5. Jennifer                                                      E. Instructions for changing the thermostat
  6. Linda                                                          F. Athletic clothes for a morning run
  7. Sandy                                                         G. Tervis Tumbler (always filled with Diet Coke)
  8. Stacy                                                          H. Morning coffee

If you happen to see a Toyota Highlander with the license plate “DEBADPI” packed full of women, you can be sure Grand Council is in town.  Debbie graciously does the driving when the group gets together. Each Council member also bakes some goodies, such as Jennifer’s strawberry shortcake tea cakes, Emily’s iced brownie cookies, and Stacy’s husband’s famous Chex Mix.


For Linda, the Executive Director of ADPi, Council meetings are another day at the office but with seven extra people!  Jana chose to drive to Council meeting this time so she could stop at the University of Alabama to see her son Mitch on his birthday. This time her packing also included a cooler of home-cooked meals to leave with her son.  On her way home, Jana went to Starkville, MS, for Jewel Degree along with alumnae from her home association in Memphis, TN.  She presided over the ceremony for a group of women that she helped recruit and initiate as colony members three years ago.  It was such a special experience for all involved!

Most members agreed they plan to pack early but due to busy schedules, are usually forced to pack late into the night and often are a bit last minute, with the exception of Jennifer and Stacy. They both mention making specific packing lists in the days leading up to their traveling so they don’t forget anything. Because packing can sometimes be overwhelming and lead to heavy loads, Jan brings two to three bags so none are too heavy. Sandy adds, “One Christmas, Jennifer gave us these beautiful personalized jewelry roll, so that’s what I use to store my jewelry.”

How would you pack for a weekend getaway with your sisters?!

Answers: 1. D., 2. C., 3. F., 4. H., 5. A., 6. E., 7. B., 8. G.


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