Living the Creed: Unselfish Service to Mankind

As sisters of Alpha Delta Pi, our motto “We Live For Each Other” aligns with one important phrase from the Creed: “unselfish service to mankind.” Many of our sisters spend their spring breaks not only spending quality time with each other, but also volunteering in underprivileged countries, determined to leave their mark on the world. They not only get a stamp on their passport, but they make an impression on the communities they help. We appreciate all of our sisters who live by the Alpha Delta Pi Creed today and everyday!

Gamma Delta

Gamma Delta-University of Miami sisters Val and Caroline offering medical and dental work in Guatemala.


Sisters from Beta Beta-University of Tennessee, Chattanooga standing on the equator while on a mission trip to Ecuador.

Epislon Pi 1-01

Epsilon Pi-Georgia Southern University sisters Abbie Deal and Cara Sims on a mission trip to Nicaragua where they provided clean drinking water to over 325 families.

Zeta Nu Honduras

Zeta Nu-Clemson University sisters Amelia Fritsche and Larkin Spacek spent their Spring Break in Honduras building a school for the children of Villanueva through the program “Students Helping Honduras.”

Epsilon Pi in Haiti

Epsilon Pi-Georgia Southern University developed a close bond with Haitian families after spending their spring break there.
Delta Omicron Dominican Rep-01-01Delta Omicron-East Carolina University on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.



  1. This is great! Hats off to our sisters helping others outside their communities. We also have many alumnae who give their time, money and energy within their own communities daily, weekly, and monthly to the nonprofits of their choice or to their local Ronald McDonald House. It would be great to see alumnae who are continuing their commitment to service on the ADPi blog.

    1. We agree! It is a special thing that our sisters continue the service they do into their adult lives. We have hundreds of alumnae who serve their local RMH and other nonprofits and we appreciate everything they do!

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