Welcome to My House

Congratulations to the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi, Lambda Chapter, on the opening of their beautiful new house!

Even though construction was just completed in late 2015, the sorority’s new home is already filled with history. Alumnae member Sarah Walls donated much of the beautiful antique furniture and accessories now housed in the Lambda Chapter home. Her daughter, Cecily Walls, served as Lambda Chapter President in the 1980s, so she was pleased to donate the furniture in honor of her daughter.


In addition to these lovely women, Sis Hancock contributed to have pieces of the donated furniture recovered and drapes made. In total, the amount of money she donated was around $7,000. This played a huge part in making a house truly feel like home.

Katelyn Brown, the current Lambda Chapter President, is thankful the chapter will have a central place to gather.

“Lambda Chapter is appreciative of how generous our alumnae have been as we settle into our new home. Each time I walk into our foyer, chapter room, and TV room, I am in awe of the support we have received from our women’s college graduates. Our house is absolutely beautiful, and I adore it! I am beyond grateful and so proud to be President of such a warm-hearted sisterhood.”



    1. So in love with this. But curious. Is that our original diamond with the crack in it? Or has it been replaced? We did a lot of concentrating on that crack back in the 70’s. It was actually endearing!

  1. It is truly stunning! We had orange shag carpet in the great room, with black painted walls. While we adored our ADPi house, and the memories that will live on there, this is just…amazing!!!

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