Show Your #PiLove

Written by: Emily Erkel, International Vice President of Finance

What do you love about your ADPi sisters?

Grand Council did a virtual activity this month to share what individual qualities made each sister unique, and now we challenge you to get to know your sisters and point out their best qualities. Everyone loves a compliment, after all.

Here are a few things that were shared:

Stacy Bruton – She is a consensus builder and gathers input from all constituents in making a decision.  She is team-oriented and lives ADPi’s values through her thoughtful decisions every day.

Jennifer Siler – She is calm and insightful.  She shows how much she cares with her many creative talents such as baking and crafting.  She has a wonderful laugh and is a good listener.                             Fun Facts - Blog-02

Linda Ablard – She has a deep knowledge of ADPi history and loves telling ADPi stories.  She is the living embodiment of lifetime membership.

Debbie Gill – She uses her strong operational background to grasp big picture views, while still paying attention to detail. grandcouncil2.JPG

Jan Maisch – She is spirited, can easily connect with everyone she meets, and is generous in sharing her time and resources.  She has a great sense of humor, personal style, and ability to reach out to others.

Sandy Davis – She approaches life with care, compassion, and sensitivity that permeates the thoughtful decisions she guides ADPi in making.  She is fun, funny, polished, and poised.

Fun Facts-02

Jana Clayton – She is passionate and enthusiastic about ADPi and our leadership in the Panhellenic community.  She sees the big picture in our organization, and in Greek life, and brings a great smile to everyone she meets.

As for me (Emily Erkel), I received comments about financial acumen, statistical analysis, preparation and detailed questions.  (Exciting things, right?!)  I also was appreciated for laughter, enthusiasm, joy, and some sassiness.

Share with your ADPi sisters what you appreciate about them as you learn together and enrich each other’s lives. #PiLove



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