Reach for Your Dreams. Let us help you.

“I owe a large portion of today’s success to the opportunities Alpha Delta Pi has offered me.”

Lyndsey Kay, ADPi Leadership Consultant (left) with Danielle Wasserman, Zeta Omega – UCF

This sentiment is common from our sisters. Whether it is taking on a leadership position in your chapter, spearheading a philanthropy event for RMHC, or even applying for a scholarship, the impact Alpha Delta Pi has can be profound.

Danielle Wasserman, Zeta Omega – University of Central Florida, speaks about how applying for a scholarship through the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation helped her reach her goals.

“I knew going into college that, somehow, the “greatest years of my life” would shape me into an adult. Yet, Alpha Delta Pi has provided more lessons, more opportunities, more growth than I could have ever imagined. Being surrounded by confident women who had the ambition to take the world by storm is what I can owe most of my growth and dreams to.”

“With thousands of sisters nationwide, I would’ve never thought I would be granted not one, but two scholarships by the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. It was those scholarships that helped me pursue a summer internship in New York City, and it was the connections and confidence gained from that summer which gave me the courage to begin my career in Manhattan upon graduation. It’s serendipitous, but I owe a large portion of today’s success to the opportunities Alpha Delta Pi has offered me.”

Danielle enjoying life in New York

Danielle, a two time recipient of the Frances Johnson Murrah Scholarship (available to Zeta Omega and Lambda Chapter) offers this piece of advice to sisters, “go out on a limb—pick an older sister’s brain, run for a leadership position, and even apply for a scholarship (or two). No matter how far fetched you think it is, you might just see your greatest dreams manifest right before your eyes.”

Scholarship applications are due March 1st. The application is online and very easy to fill out. There are more than 70 nationally competitive and chapter specific scholarships available to sisters pursuing their undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and continuing educations certificates. Let the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation help you pursue your dreams.


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