Meet Our Runners

Now that you know why we’re running, let’s meet a few of the runners who make up TEAM ADPi.

Meet Delaurah Kamrani Minzenberger, Beta Psi-University of Kentucky. Delaurah ran as a member of TEAM ADPi in 2014 and is continuing her journey with us again this year; to beat her time from last year and support RMHC, of course. Delaurah has a rigorous 20 week training schedule with back-to-back runs on Friday and Saturday. When asked what she plans to do when she crosses the finish line, “Hug my family, my sister and her husband are coming this year and she’s been my biggest cheerleader in all my races. And then after that, a big glass of chocolate milk!”

Delaurah Minzenberger and her family.

What makes this runner a unique addition to TEAM ADPi? Delaurah will tell you, “I hated running until 2011. I decided right before Christmas that I was going to run a half marathon that upcoming spring to lead a healthier lifestyle. When I told my dad (an avid runner) that I was doing it, he thought it was a joke…in fact everyone in my family thought it was a joke. But then they all came around and I ran my first half marathon with my dad and brother-in-law, and I beat them both.” We certainly appreciate her dedication to raising money and running for RMHC.

To support Delaurah, please donate here.


Meet Laurel Piper, Zeta Rho-Vanderbilt University. She’s currently a biomedical engineering major and yet, she has time to support her favorite charity by training, fundraising, and running 26.2 miles. Laurel grew up in Chicago and her entire immediate family has run the Chicago Marathon at least once, so she wants to follow in their footsteps.


Laurel’s decision to run on TEAM ADPi? “I found out about TEAM ADPi through my chapter and figured it would be good to use my running addiction to raise money for charity and spend more time with my sisters!” Laurel says RMHC is important to her because “there is a RMH about two blocks off campus and it is so fun to go there with my sisters and make dinner and meet to families! The work we put in and the happiness we get out are what make RMHC so special to me.”

Although this isn’t her first marathon (she’s run one previously), her training is “intense. I run at least 5 days a week. One run is a long run, one is a speed workout alternating between hills, track, and tempo, and one is a marathon pace run slightly shorter from my long run. The other two are strength workout days which consist of short runs and weight lifting.”

To support Laurel, please donate here.


Meet Mallory Necessary Scates, Zeta Omicron-Georgia Institute of Technology. Mallory decided to run the Chicago Marathon on TEAM ADPi this year to support a wonderful cause and because of her desire to run a marathon… yes, this is her first!


Mallory first started volunteering in college and continued to support RMHC even when she moved to Nashville and then on to Texas. “When I moved to Texas, I volunteered every Monday night in the Austin house. After moving back to Atlanta, I knew I wanted to stay connected to RMHC and this seemed like a great first step.”

Mallory’s training schedule includes running 4 times a week with a day of cross-training. When asked the first thing she is planning to do when crossing the finish line? Smile. What makes Mallory a great part of TEAM ADPi? “I never thought I’d want to run a full marathon, but have thoroughly enjoyed training!”

To support Mallory, please donate here.


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