Make the Most of the Workshops!

By Kelsey Connolly, Delta Mu-Sam Houston State University, Executive Office Intern

Grand Convention is just around the corner and you are not going to believe what I have for you!  Could you say some inside information on the inner workings of how ADPi operates in order to prepare for Grand Convention OR some special advice from a grand council member herself? Luckily for you I have BOTH!

Ever wondered how the general sessions and workshops are determined for Grand Convention? Well it is not as easy as you may think. Fun Fact: the Strategic Leadership Team members are actually the ones who recruit and decide which workshops should be presented to Grand Council for a final decision. Once the Strategic Leadership Team decides whom they want to be considered for a vote, they send the candidates to the members of Grand Council where the would-be presenters are expected to give a proposal and a presentation. This year’s SLT sent 10 candidates for consideration and 8 lucky contenders were selected!

Ever think that planning your latest social is hard? 8 Grand Council members make decisions for over 700 Convention attendees! Crazy HUH?

Wednesday, I spoke to Sandy Davis, Xi-Ohio University, International Vice President of Organizational Relations about Convention’s general sessions and workshops. Sandy is the sister in charge of working with the programming directors to find educational programming for our members.

She explained that this year, when contemplating on what programs to present, Grand Council considered a wide range of topics that affect our membership today.

“We look at the fact we have a variety of sisters,” Davis said. “We also have to take into account that we have a wide age range, a variety of life experiences, and we try to find a balance that makes sense to offer for all of those [sisters]. “

The workshops are designed to teach sisters long lasting tools that they can take back to their chapters or alumnae groups. Check out Pride Online to see which individual workshops would be most beneficial for you and your chapter!

General sessions will also be provided and led for all attendees! They will be covering a variety of hot topics and some are launching changes that will impact Alpha Delta Pi in the coming years. This year, we will be focusing primarily on mental health and well-being, in addition to the Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative.

Want to know what Sandy Davis thinks you should do to ensure that you will get the most out of each workshop? If so, check out the information below!

  1. Divide and conquer! If there is more than one-person representing your chapter, I would encourage each member to attend a different workshop. The chapters need to spend time and read through the workshops to determine who goes to what. Do not all go to one.
  2. Take good notes and ask lots of questions!
  3. Download the presentation so you can take notes and are able to take back key information that you learn back to your chapter. Look back on your notes after Grand Convention and apply what you learned to your chapter.
  4. All women who are presenting are always available to present after Convention.  Feel free to consult with the presenter if you have any questions that you think would specifically apply to your chapter. They are here to help deliver and craft something that is relevant to your chapter during and after Convention.

Now that you know what goes on behind the scenes, it’s time to pack your bags. Get your spirit sticks out and your favorite ADPi notepad packed, because the countdown is ON!

See you in 3 days!


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