Alpha Delta Pi Grand Convention – There’s an app for that!

Download the Convention App

By Emme Long, Zeta Delta-University of Montevallo, Executive Office Intern

No matter if you will be stepping off the plane in Scottsdale, Arizona in less than a week or have reserved your couch and Netflix 80’s movies for your own adaptation of the 164th Anniversary Convention, the ADPi Convention App provides a seamless experience for connecting.

You can download the app in the App Store and Google Play. We’ve linked instructions here but you can also find it by searching for Alpha Delta Pi Convention.

App pic 1

On the app, you can reach out to sisters using the “Attendees” icon, which allows you to personalize your own profile and connect with sisters who will be attending. So if Footloose just gets a little too emotional, you can always message your chapter president or fellow advisor to keep up-to-date on the latest news and networking of Convention.

Speaking of being connected, the ADPi Convention App fuels your social media addictions by live streaming Tweets and YouTube videos, in addition to displaying posts on breaking news from Facebook and the great Convention sights on Instagram. If you want to do a little professional networking, look no further than the included LinkedIn shortcut. If leisurely reading is your thing, feel free to browse the Alpha Delta Pi Blog, a place for insider information whether you’re 10 seconds from the next conference room or 15 hours away from Arizona. Once you decide that you’re all caught up, you can wind down by going through the Grand Convention Pin board on Pinterest.

App Pic 5However, if you are attending, this app can prove to be just as essential as your favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress. A schedule and vendor list are included to help you plan your day and a map is conveniently located to allow you find your way with ease. Leave Uber and taxicabs at the airport, SuperShuttle can orchestrate your ride to and from Convention with a few screen taps.

However, the real beauty of the ADPi Convention App comes in the supplemental material that can be used in conjunction with the workshops and general sessions, including the “Speakers” and “Surveys” tabs that allow you to give input and keep informed on every moment. PowerPoints and notes from the workshops you attend can also be loaded and stored on your phone for your convenience.

As we all have said, or will too soon say, Grand Convention flies by. Never fret—the app will be open to allow you to access the same information you already have…and to give you a good excuse to reminisce.


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