Have a Totally Rad 80’s Movie Night at Home During Convention

Movie Night Invite  2

By Kelsey Connolly, Delta Mu-Sam Houston State University, Executive Office Intern

Pull out your cassette tapes and vinyl records, because our Friday night 80’s Dance Party is coming to you! For sisters who are not attending Grand Convention, we encourage you to participate by hosting your own 80’s Movie Night and Dance Party right at home! Here are a couple of things to help make your 19ADPi event so totally rad!

Movie Night Invite  2  Movie Night Invite

Email all of your sisters and plan for a night of big hair, big music and big sleeves on June 26th. We created these fun, Movie Night graphics to accompany your email invites and texts. Click on the graphics to see the full size image.

Once the invites have been sent, let’s talk about fashion!

Unsure what to wear exactly? Thanks to MTV, 80’s fashion correlated a lot with the type of music. From neon fishnet leggings with an over the shoulder neon shirt, to a blue jean shirt with blue jean pants (Canadian Tuxedo, eh?), the 80’s rocked out any and all colored clothing. Here are a couple examples to help you get amped about the 80’s!


  • Overalls (one side hanging down)
  • Scrunchies
  • Leg warmers
  • Hang off the shoulder shirts
  • Neon Leggings, fishnet leggings, stirrup pants
  • Blue jeans everything!
  • Teasing brush and perms!
  • Jump suits
  • Suspenders
  • Slouched socks
  • Skirts with leggings
  • Penny loafers
  • Reeboks
  • Jelly everything
  • Shoulder pads

With our ADPi Pinterest page, you can see more examples of what to wear for your 80’s themed party. Be sure to share with your friends! No one wants look lame in their 2015 gear.

Need some 80’s background music?

We’ve got the jams covered with a Spotify playlist! You will need an account (they’re free, sign-up here). After you have an account, you can save the playlist and start walking like an Egyptian!

Now onto the main (or you should we say mane?) event… the movie!

80’s movies are full of crowd favorites. Should you go the horror route with Poltergeist or stick to the Brat Pack? We have a great list of 80’s movies to chose from below.

Now all you need left is the popcorn! We hope that you join us June 26th and share tons of fantabulous pictures by hash tagging #19ADPi and #AzureOverAZ on all of your social media!


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