FCA Raised the Stakes in Louisville

By Annaliese, Beta Iota-Queens University of Charlotte, 2015 Fraternity Communications Annual Conference Intern

Hello! My name is Annaliese, and I will be starting my senior year this coming Fall at Queens University of Charlotte, in North Carolina. At Queens I am a proud member of the Beta Iota Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, where I have served as my chapter’s chaplain for two years! I am a journalism and digital media major at school, and hope to work in radio broadcasting after college. My other passion, in addition to radio, is fashion blogging- you can find my little corner of the internet at www.southernbelleintraining.com!



Last week (or May 13-15th, 2015 in case you’re reading this later 🙂 ), was the best experience that I’ve had related to Greek life since my Bid Day… in fact in actually may have even topped Bid Day! I was selected to be an intern for the 2015 Fraternity Communications Association (FCA) Annual Conference, which was held in Louisville, KY. I actually found out about this internship through the ADPi Instagram!! I was so excited when I found out that I had received one of the four internship spots available at this year’s conference, and even more excited when I learned that I was the only Alpha Delta Pi intern! It was a great honor for me to be representing the first and finest sorority on a national level (especially since my chapter of ADPi is very small… scratch that, my whole university is small). And my excitement grew, yet again, when I learned that three sisters would be in attendance: Grand Council member Jennifer Siler, IVP of Communications, (who is a Past President of FCA); Elizabeth Wright, Adelphean editor; and Joanie Oben, the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Alpha Delta Pi Executive Office.

998338_10151756546200985_1081536339_nTo give a little bit of background on what  FCA is: the Fraternity Communications Association is a Greek Association that brings together headquarters staff and inter/national volunteers of fraternities and sororities who work directly in communications and marketing. They hold an annual conference each year that switches location, and the mission statement of the organization is To enhance fraternity communications through the exchange of ideas, experiences and information”. Members of FCA are the Greek organizations themselves, and associate members are vendors that assist the communications departments of FCA members (like printing companies that help print Greek magazines). 

So I was not only going to be meeting and networking with sisters from ADPi’s headquarters, but also with the top staff members in communications from almost every other NPC sorority, many fraternities, and several top companies that work with Greek life! Wow. I also couldn’t wait to meet the other three interns who were chosen! The other interns are from Delta Phi Epsilon, Alpha Xi Delta and Phi Mu. We all got along great and they were an amazing bunch of girls!

Throw what you know with the other interns on Day 1!

I had never been to the state of Kentucky before this internship, so I was very excited to travel to Louisville and eager to see what new opportunities this internship would bring. I tried to stay very open-minded about the internship going into it! Well, I can definitely say that whatever expectations I had, my experience with FCA was so much better than anything that I could have dreamed!!

The beautiful and historic Seelbach Hotel that the 2015 FCA Conference was held in! 

Here’s some more pictures and details from the conference and Kentucky! The conference consisted of daily seminars. Interns took turns introducing the speakers, and then joined FCA members and sat in on the sessions. I ended up loving the sessions way more than I expected, and took away many things from them. The sessions were on topics such as Greek alumni engagement, social media optimization, print magazines in the 21st century, and branding just to name a few. The lessons that I took out of these seminars are things that I can take back not only to my chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, but also to my own personal life, my future career, and my blog! 

Introducing one of the speakers!

Each evening was when the real fun happened! On Wednesday night, there was an opening night cocktail reception in the hotel. This is when I first got to meet all of the other ADPi sisters who were there! Thursday night was my personal favorite event. Everyone from the conference was treated to dinner and watching the horse races at Churchill Downs! It has been my dream for as long as I can remember to travel to Louisville to see the Kentucky Derby, so this felt pretty darn close!! 🙂

Churchill Downs!

And on Friday night, there was a formal awards banquet and ceremony celebrating all of the accomplishments in communications over the past year for all of the FCA member organizations! It was so exciting to see all of the different fraternities and sororities receive awards for all of their hard work. 

With some of the ADPi’s who attended the conference! We had sisters represented at other Greek headquarters and as vendors.

All in all, this was a truly life-changing experience for me! I feel so honored and blessed that I had the chance to go, and I know that in just a few days, I grew so much as a person from this experience. 

And one last FCA memory: one of the best moments of all was during Wednesday night’s opening reception, when I first got to meet my sisters. We all got into an exciting chat about the recent Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch. Afterwards, one of the other interns came up to me and said “I knew you had found your sisters because you all were in your element!” Too funny!! <>

If you would like to read more of my ramblings, feel free to visit my blog, Southern Belle in Training!



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