Don’t Forget to Pack Your White Outfit for Adelphean Processional!

Adelphean Processional 2013

The age-old rule you can’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day is a thing of the past. We’ve been seeing Convention appropriate white clothing and shoes popping up during our weekend trips to the mall!

Every Convention attendee needs to have a white dress or white skirt suit, white slacks are not allowed, complete with white shoes for the Adelphean Processional.

Adelphean Processional, for first time attendees, is a Convention tradition that dates back to 1941. Participants wear white and have blue satin ribands with our motto “We Live For Each Other” pinned to their outfit. The Adelphean Processional is a part of the formal opening of Convention.

GC 2013 210   Beth   GC 2013 231

Now, most sisters don’t have a problem finding a white dress but finding white shoes are a whole other story. This is where our Adelphean Processional Pinterest board comes in. We’ve been pinning Convention appropriate, dresses, skirt suits and shoes from stores of all price points to help everyone get ready for the Adelphean Processional.

Tell us, do you buy something new for Adelphean Processional each year? Or, do you keep the same standby outfit with white shoes? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. check out this fun video from Time Magazine to learn more about the history on the “no white before Labor Day rule”


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