#AzureOverAZ | Grand Convention Social Media

Grand Convention Social Media | Alpha Delta Pi Blog

Tweeting about the business meetings, posting a picture to Instagram of your awesome dessert at the Diamond Awards Banquet with the hashtag #noms, or uploading a picture of your favorite sisters on Facebook, Convention will be more interactive on social media than ever before!

This blog post explores the social media fun we can all have in Arizona!

For those on Twitter be sure to follow @AlphaDeltaPi for all the latest news and information. Tweet about Convention using the hashtag #AzureOverAZ. We will be sharing our pictures on Instagram using the same hashtag #AzureOverAZ.

Click on one of these hashtags and instantly see what the other attendees are saying about Grand Convention and what pictures they’re taking during the weekend.

The best part of all of these social media outlets is the interaction we can have with each other. Did a sister have a moving tweet about Processional? Reply to her tweet and tell her! Do you see it’s a sister’s first time via her Instagram pictures? Tell her welcome! Grand Convention is all about meeting new sisters. You never know where those connections will lead. Just a tip, make sure your profiles are public so that sisters (and the Alpha Delta Pi account) can see your posts and interact!

Now we know that these social media outlets can be addicting but please be mindful and tuck your phones away during the business meetings and sessions. We want to show all of our sisters and presenters respect and pay our upmost attention. Besides, it’s more fun anyway when you open your phone and see multiple notifications.


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