2015 DLC Chronicles… Part Two!

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The next installment of the DLC Chronicles is here! Read the first part here for a little more information about the concept of the DLC Chronicles.  Our DLC bloggers had a great time at their respective DLCs. Here’s what happened at District III and District IV DLC!

Adrianna Czostkowski, Zeta Upsilon-Oakland University, Property Manager and Webmaster/Social Media Chair (but went in New Member Coordinator’s Stead)

The three days that I spent at District IV Leadership Conference were some of the best days of my Alpha Delta Pi career, thus far. I learned how to be a better leader in my chapter, how to ensure that I am working towards the success of Alpha Delta Pi, and how to make our chapter the best it can be. For Zeta Upsilon, I serve as Property Manager and Webmaster/Social Media Chair. However, I attended DLC for New Member Coordinator. For this being my first and last opportunity to attend DLC, it was one experience that I will never be able to forget!

Here's the Zeta Upsilon chapter at District IV's Best Practices session.
Here’s the Zeta Upsilon chapter at District IV’s Best Practice session.

Walking into our hotel on Friday afternoon, my sisters and I were beyond excited for the weekend to begin. After a successful day of shopping at Sorority Spirit, buying DLC Diamonds, and joining the 1851 Violet Circle, we got ready for the Best Practice Session. All of the chapters in District IV had the opportunity to highlight something they excel at and Zeta Upsilon chose our involvement with our philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. It was great to see all of the things that other chapters excel at and take some of those ideas back home with us.

Adrianna 3On Saturday, we were ready to learn. Through both the Social Media and the “Leading with Self-Orientation toward Change” workshops, I took away plenty of valuable information that I could bring back to my chapter. My favorite part of Saturday was listening to the Keynote Speaker during lunch, Cheri Phyfer. Cheri is an alumna member of Alpha Delta Pi and really emphasized that being a sister of Alpha Delta Pi is a privilege and we have a responsibility to every member of Alpha Delta Pi across the nation to act in a way that represents Alpha Delta Pi in a positive light. This resonated with me all weekend long and it was a great message to hear. Saturday night ended with awards and we were so proud to see all of the hard work and dedication from our chapter pay-off. Being the Property Manager and getting the Housing award was a particularly proud moment for me.

Adrianna 4Sunday morning quickly came and we headed down to wrap up District IV Leadership Conference. Every chapter had the opportunity to go up on stage and say what they’re taking away from DLC and bringing back to our chapter. For Zeta Upsilon, a common theme of the weekend was sisterhood. As a chapter, we really took away that sisterhood makes memories and memories make sisterhood. By truly living our open motto, “We live for each other”, we will be able to create a strong sisterhood and make those memories that our sisters will never forget.


Michaela Quigley, Theta Sigma-West Chester University of PA, President

Michaela 2
DLC 2015, what an amazing experience. The three day weekend was one that enhanced the knowledge I previously had, about my position as Chapter President, and helped me learn how to empower my sisters to become the best version of themselves. This was the second District Leadership Conference I had the pleasure of attending. Last year I attended as Membership Education Vice President. Not only was this year my second year attending the conference, but it was the second year my chapter, Theta Sigma, attended too. I enjoyed listening to and watching my chapter sisters’ reactions to the “ADPi high” they were feeling. I could tell this was the first time that many of them were realizing how Alpha Delta Pi is something much larger than just our chapter.

Michaela 1My weekend started off with a drive through Pennsylvania and New Jersey to arrive in Parsippany. I had the opportunity to set up Sorority Spirit with my chapter’s previous President, Tori H., and Miss. Pinkston. After several hours of setting up, sisters from all across District III began to arrive and checkout the new apparel items. The rest of our chapter arrived and our weekend of bonding was off to a great start. Once everyone was settled in and got a bite to eat, we all piled into one room to practice our rendition of Uptown Funk. During our brief meeting we made a pact with each other, “If you’re going to be here, then be here”. We wanted to be present throughout the weekend (not distracted by our cell phones, school, and everything else going on in our busy lives), and embrace the full experience of DLC.

Saturday was a jam-packed day. I enjoyed spending the morning with my fellow Sister Presidents as we shared what our chapters were doing well and concerns we had.

During lunch, Miss Pinkston made a speech that truly spoke to me. A handful of our International President’s words resonated with me:

Leadership implies followers
“Don’t ask people to do things you are not willing to do yourself”
Women apologize too frequently.

Saturday afternoon I was able to attend a workshop called Leading with Self Learning Styles. This workshop helped me not only learn about my learning style, but how to lead those with learning styles that differ from my own. I enjoyed this workshop because it provided me with some prospective that will be beneficial when delegating tasks to sisters. I also attended a workshop on Accountability and Bystander Intervention. This workshop enlightened me on how to improve risk management in my chapter and educate my peers on how to not fall into the negative effects that being a bystander can cause.

Michaela 3One of the highlights of the weekend was being able to connect with so many sisters. I was able to reunite with sisters I met at IMPACT this past summer. Additionally, our chapter was able to meet with the International officers on the New Chapter Development Team. Our province is located all across the country, so it was great to be able to talk face to face with the women who have been helping our chapter grow the past few months. I left DLC with a renewed love for Alpha Delta Pi and excitement to share what I’ve learned with my chapter. I ecstatic to see what the upcoming year has in store for me personally and the Theta Sigma.


And thats a wrap!

District Leadership Conference is over for 2015. We hope you enjoyed hearing about our sisters’ different experiences at DLC. We will now be focusing all of our attention to Grand Convention. This summer will be here before you know it! Make sure you follow our blog (by clicking the follow button or submitting your email to the right hand side column) for all the excitement before Convention!


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