2015 DLC Chronicles… Part One!

The DLC Chronicles | www.alphadeltapiblog.comIt’s another year and another installment of the DLC Chronicles!  District Leadership Conference, DLC for short, has taken place for four districts and we have two left next week. In case you didn’t know, Alpha Delta Pi chapters are split up into six geographic districts. You can find a map of the districts here.

DLC offers training for collegiate officers, advisors, and house corporation board members, as well as, a chance for International Officers to meet with their District team to discuss strategy and the future.

We wanted to share all of these different DLC experiences on the blog so we came up with the DLC Chronicles last year. Without further ado, here are some of our DLC bloggers recapping about their experience!

Amanda Ladner, Eta Zeta-University of Southern Mississippi, Guard

In the three days I spent for the District I Leadership Conference, couldn’t have better! I developed as a leader and learned how to be a more effective Guard. Last year I attended DLC as Director of Standards and Ethics, and although this year was my last one as a collegiate member, the experience was just as exciting!

Ashley 3My sisters Casey (“Boss Lady”), Leah, Katelyn, and I had a lot of fun in the car ride bonding on our way to meet everyone in Atlanta. That night we had a candle passing with every Eta Zeta sister at DLC, including our advisors, province director, and alumnae who are advisors for other chapters in our district. Our TME advisor Regina revealed that she and her husband are expecting, and we’re waiting to know if we have a legacy on the way!

Ashley and Theta UpsilonOn Saturday, through both the Social Media and the “How to Lead by the Creed” break out sessions, I not only took away valuable information that I can utilize as an officer and leader, but I met two new friends and sisters Kayla And Stephanie from Theta Upsilon. I love that DLC gave me the opportunity to network and gain valuable friendships!

Over the past several years, Eta Zeta has improved tremendously and has grown exponentially. All of our collegiate and alumnae members continue to work together to show Southern Miss and the Hattiesburg community that Alpha Delta Pi is the First. Finest. Forever. We were honored to receive the awards that reflected this at DLC, but the one we are most proud of is Super Alphie!

Eta Zeta with Super Alphie
Here’s my chapter accepting Super Alphie from Zeta Iota!

Super Alphie is already involved in our chapter. I serve our Panhellenic Community as Vice President of Public Relations, and I was ecstatic to see him at our meeting the week after DLC.

Editor’s Note: Super Alphie has an instagram! Follow him at @SuperAlphie_HZ to see all of the fun he’s having at Eta Zeta. 

Throughout the weekend we learned how to improve our leadership abilities by reflecting on our creed. My favorite line, “I BELIEVE the privilege of membership in Alpha Delta Pi brings the responsibility to do my best in whatever I undertake, always remembering that leadership requires confidence tempered with humility and courage blended with tolerance” reminds me that I am the woman and leader I am today because of Alpha Delta Pi. I have taken away valuable skills, knowledge, friendships, and memories from DLC, and will always be grateful for it. I love my ADPi!


Tiffany Diersen, Epsilon Rho-University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Recruitment and Marketing Vice President 

Tiffany D 1What a weekend! District Leadership Conference for District VI has come to a close, and I couldn’t be more excited to go forth with my position in leading my chapter. I am Recruitment and Marketing Vice President for the Epsilon Rho chapter at UNLV. I attended the 2012 Grand Convention as well as the 2014 District Leadership Conference. I cannot begin to explain how fortunate I feel to have attended these events. As a collegiate, it can be difficult to understand how big Alpha Delta Pi is unless you have experienced DLC or Grand Convention. These events allow sisters to realize how much bigger Alpha Delta Pi is than ourselves. These events also help us grow as a person and realize our potential within ADPi.

Sisters and I arrived in Irvine, California on a sunny afternoon on the Friday of DLC. As soon as we walked into the hotel, we could see multiple ADPi sisters, advisors and international officers. Each and every one of those women believed in the same things I did. The Meet and Greet was the first night, as well as meeting International Officers. I had the privilege of meeting Renee Bailey Iacona, member of Grand Council. It was truly amazing to meet such an inspirational Grand Council member that exemplified what it means to be an Alpha Delta Pi.

Tiffany D 2The second day came, and we were ready to start cheering. As some of you may know, Epsilon Rho has won the Spirit Rock two years in a row. Once again, Epsilon Rho took the Spirit Rock home for the third year in a row. The breakout sessions and general sessions were filled with passionate and excited women who were eager to learn and eager to cheer. It’s amazing to see how passionate these women are and how we are all working toward a common goal to succeed as a chapter.

On the third day of DLC, we packed our bags and headed to Newport Beach for a fun photo shoot with our sisters. It was a great time to relax on the beach with our sisters and take a break from cheering all weekend. This weekend was an overall incredible experience. DLC inspires you no matter what age you are. Events like these make me realize that Alpha Delta Pi is for a lifetime, and we live for each other always.

Tiffany D 3


Tiffany Wang, Zeta Delta-University of Montevallo, Campus Advisor

As I finished teaching my last Friday afternoon class, the excitement began to build as Zeta Delta Chapter began the short road trip from our campus home (located an hour south of Birmingham, Alabama) to DLC District I in Atlanta, Georgia. Since I am currently in my first year as a Campus Advisor, this was my first opportunity to experience DLC as an Advisor, Alumnae Initiate, and Sister.

Tiffany Wang 1
Tiffany Wang 2After a fun evening shopping at Sorority Spirit, purchasing Violet Circles and DLC Diamonds at the Foundation Display, and practicing recruitment songs, my roommate Social Advisor Suzie Lowery and I woke up bright and early the first day of DLC with our nametags and coffees in hand ready to take on the day.

At the I Believe…in Alpha Delta Pi Session, we eagerly participated in Roll Call and enjoyed hearing from International Vice President of Collegiate Membership Stacy DeMartini Bruton who encouraged us to “believe you are the pieces that help our diamond shine brightly on 153 college campuses.”


4After this session, my fellow Advisors and I attended the I Believe…Finding the Direction to Lead a Rich & Useful Life Session. We then headed to lunch where we were delighted to find out that International President Dr. Tammie S. Pinkston was the Keynote Speaker. She remarked, “there’s never been a stage I’ve met I haven’t enjoyed. I want to be involved. I don’t want life to pass by me. I want to be engaged.” I was especially struck by her closing words where she said, “our job is to be stewards of Alpha Delta Pi. We have to have the courage to recruit better than ourselves.” After this session, Chapter President Emme Long and I could not pass up the opportunity to throw diamonds with Dr. Pinkston.

After attending afternoon and evening sessions, we went to bed eagerly anticipating our last day of DLC District I. The following morning, we enjoyed sharing our recruitment songs and learning more about the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, ADPi Traditions, and State of the Sorority. The most exciting part was the I Believe…that it is a Way of Life Session where we enjoyed cheering as Chapter Presidents went to the stage to accept Chapter awards. After DLC District I adjourned, we left DLC ready to share what we had learned with our Sisters and eagerly anticipating DLC 2016!

Tiffany Wang 5


Emile Creel, Epsilon Eta-Mississippi State University, Recruitment and Marketing Vice President

Preparing for DLC, I knew I would learn a lot about my position, but I did not know exactly what to expect. I am a junior and am serving as my chapter’s Recruitment and Marketing Vice President, and this was my first year to attend DLC. The one word that resonated with me throughout the conference was action.

Emile 1As we headed out Friday, I thought back over my experience as a charter member, and the growth of our chapter from our colonization three short years ago. In my officer position this year I want to be part of leading that growth.  I want to take action to advance my chapter. We arrived at the hotel Friday night and had a great time of food and sisterhood. One of the best parts of the weekend for me was the sisterhood and getting to know sisters that I have not spent as much time with.

Saturday was full of meetings. The opening ceremony was a wonderful time to meet with so many women who love the same organization. My favorite part of the day was the officer break out sessions. During this time, officers from chapters of every size and experience shared their ideas for marketing, social media, recruitment, and philanthropy. These were ideas I can take back to my chapter and put into action. This time showed me that all chapters experience struggles and all of us are working for the good of Alpha Delta Pi. The next part of the day included different sessions. I enjoyed the social media session the most. Social media is so much a part of our lives now, and skills I learned like using hash tags to promote our chapter is something I can really implement.

Emile 3

Emile 2

Saturday night ended with sharing stories and laughter in our rooms. Sunday morning we packed and headed down for the awards. We received recognition in several areas, and our officers became more aware of the areas they would like to receive recognition in next year. We have already set goals of how to receive new awards in the year to come. My experience in at DLC and my outlook for this year in Epsilon Eta can be summed up with something International President Tammie S. Pinkston said during our lunch session “I am often an observer in life, but I would much rather be a participant.” 



Be on the look out for part two of the DLC Chronicles later in the month!


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