Did you Remember to ReMember?


By Renee Bailey Iacona, International Vice President of Alumnae Membership, Delta Upsilon-University of Tennessee, Martin

January is known as a time of renewal and making resolutions for the New Year- in Alpha Delta Pi renewal applies as well, as sisters come back to school, deferred recruitment brings new members and our new chapter officers take up leadership and prep to attend District Leadership Conference. In the alumnae arena, renewal applies here too- it’s the time that our ReMember Dues mailer drops in the mail to all of our alumnae sisters who we have current mailing addresses for. ReMember is our voluntary alumnae dues program where we ask every Pi sister to support the Sorority by paying annual alumnae dues. In return, each alumna receives personalized ADPi branded mailing labels in the mailer to thank her for her upcoming dues payment. For those sisters who give at the $50 level an additional set of mailing labels comes to her home,  at the $100 level the sister receives a commemorative silver charm if she is one of the first 165 to pay, and at $250 or more receive a copy of the More Sisters book.

Your ADPi ReMember Dues SupportReMember is our way to ensure that not all funding to support the organization relies on the collegians’ dues and the alumna can determine for herself the amount she can pay. You may wonder what the monies raised are used for?… Right now, we are in the midst of creating a new Alumnae Operations Manual which will replace our manuals for alumnae associations and volunteers and we are rolling out a new Chapter Association program, an alumnae association for a chapter (not based on a geographic area), which will better connect the collegiate and alumnae sisters of that chapter. On a broader scale, we have been working on a database upgrade where we can better track our members and this summer will reveal a new website for the organization! The ReMember Dues goes towards those projects along with recent expansions, such as the ones at University of Pennsylvania, University of Mississippi, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Shorter University and Charleston Southern University and our two colonies this semester– Rollins College and University of California, Riverside.

Our ReMember Dues program has been around for over 20 years and has become an essential means to support the growth and development of our organization. So while you are making your resolutions and renewal commitments for the new year, please remember to ReMember Alpha Delta Pi by sending in your annual dues.

Editor’s Note: Please click here to pay your ReMember Voluntary International Alumnae Dues. Thank you for making this contribution to Alpha Delta Pi, sister!


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