Spending the afternoon at EO- LS Guest Blog

By Cassidy Collier, Lambda-Brenau University, IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi attendee

cassidy 31386 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30306. Any Alpha Delta Pi who sees that address recognizes it as the address of our Executive Office and Memorial Headquarters. Executive Office and Memorial Headquarters is the place that houses all of our history and where our organization is run. Seeing the big white columns, walking up the front steps and seeing the numbers 1386, is one of the most moving experiences for any ADPi girl!

cassidy 2Inside, there are many artifacts donated by chapters and alums. I have a deep connection to a few of these historical pieces because my chapter, Lambda- Brenau University in Gainesville Georgia, has donated them. I knew that we had donated a piano as well as a bible, both from the Alpha chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. Seeing these items filled me with so much pride and love for my sorority and all of its wonderful history. It was amazing to see so many items that were labeled with Alpha Delta Phi, which was our name from 1905-1913. Our sorority has gone through SO very much and we have still stayed strong all of these years later, and we have so much history around to prove it!

cassidy 4    cassidy 1

LS attendees throughout Memorial Headquarters were struck with awe over being able to see so many things that they have only heard about. I think that every sister should have and take the opportunity to visit Executive Office and Memorial Headquarters!

Did you visit Executive Office and Memorial HQ during LS? What was your favorite part?


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