IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi Day One

BJ0tbqFt_400x400By Nicholle Smith, Zeta Eta-University of North Alabama, IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi attendee

photo 1 (3)My first day at IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi was a blast! I had already met some girls the night before at our ‘meet and greet’ so there were some familiar faces as Day 1 began.

Each seminar greatly improved my ideas of being a successful leader. The first seminar focused on values: our individual ones as well as ADPi’s. In the end, we all concluded that we need to hold on to what WE value to enrich the groups values. The next seminar focused on leadership. Leadership = relationships + actions + shared values to create a positive change. If one of those is take out of the formula, there might be change in the chapter, but it might not be positive,e specially if there are no shared values. How could one lead and be an example if the values enkindled in the sorority are not shared throughout? Also, “A leader is not necessarily a person who holds some formal position of leadership or who is perceived as a leader by others. Rather, a leader is one who is able to affect positive photo 3 (2)change for the betterment of others”. That being said, anyone can be a leader!

Last but not least, we focused on the RSC’s of sisterhood: Ritual, Sisterhood, and Club. This is the exact order in which members of Alpha Delta Pi should rank these three. Ritual is the upmost important part of our sorority. We live it each day. At the end, we thoroughly analyzed our creed. Key phrases that stand out to me personally are “that is is a way of life” and how this is a “privilege” and “our motto ‘We Live For Each Other,’ expresses photo 2 (3)the true spirit of fraternity.My favorite part of the night was reciting the Creed as one whole group. I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t close to tears. This strengthened my love for Alpha Delta Pi and I can’t wait to relay all I learned to my chapter at home!


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