Make Memories With Your Roommate During LS

By: Abby Barrett, Alpha Kappa-University of Tennessee, Executive Office Intern

During Leadership Seminar, attendees will have the opportunity to meet new sisters and learn about Alpha Delta Pi chapters across North America. Attendees will be paired up with roommates from other chapters. This will provide an experience for attendees to share ideas, collaborate, & most importantly, make memories.

_G9V5286While chapters differ, all sisters believe in the same founding qualities of Alpha Delta Pi.  Remember when you are meeting a new sister of the special bond you already have! I bet you can even learn new things from her. Many former LS attendees have said meeting these women was their favorite part of the weekend.

Hanging out with your roommate is also great for “talking shop”, so-to-speak. Maybe their House Corp recently solved a problem you’ve encountered? Or you both have the same advisory board position. Never miss out on the opportunity to learn and improve in your position.

And Don’t Worry! The fun-filled weekend is packed with activities and ways to break the ice with your roommate. Keep an open mind, have fun, and don’t be afraid to meet new people!

For added fun, don’t forget to hashtag your pictures with new friends and roommates with #ADPiLS! We want to see all the fun memories you’re making! #InstaChallenge, anyone?


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