10 Things to Get The Most Out of Leadership Seminar

10 Things to get the most out of Leadership Seminar | www.alphadeltapiblog.com

By: Abby Barrett, Alpha Kappa-University of Tennessee, Executive Office Intern

Leadership Seminar is only 10 days away (crazy, right?!?!) and we want you to be ready for the fun in Atlanta. Since LS is so close, one of our Executive Office interns Abby played with the number 10 and came up with a list of 10 things your should do to get the most out of your Leadership Seminar experience.

Take it away Abby…

10. Get Ready to Learn
There are so many opportunities to learn and bring new ideas back to your chapter at Leadership Seminar. Smarty-pi’s always bring their pen and paper. Don’t forget to write down quotes and helpful info to post about it during the break!

9. Ask Questions
Your workshop facilitators want you to learn! They are always happy to answer questions.

8. Meet new people!
At LS, there will be sisters from across North America! Don’t be shy! Meet new women and learn about their chapters.

7. Take advice from your Advisors
Your advisors will know all about the fun things you can do at LS! Listen to them, and let them teach you about Leadership Seminar.

6. Attend the nightly fun activities
The weekend is packed with fun-filled events! Don’t stay in your room at night. Come out, and meet new sisters!

5. Do your pre-work
We’ve sent out e-mails about work to be done before Leadership Seminar. Don’t worry – we know you’re not in school! The pre-work will help you be better prepared at LS.

4. Explore Atlanta!
Atlanta has tons of museums, events, and of course the shopping. Spend your free afternoon, if you have one, exploring everything the city has to offer. Adelphean Compass attendees can have a quick glimpse of the city on their way to EO.

3. Get Ready to Shop ‘Til You Drop
Herff Jones and Sorority Spirit will be open at Leadership Seminar! Word on the street is there may be new products debuting at LS!

2. Buy your Violets!
Remember to buy violets for sisters for $5 each! (The deadline has been extended until this Friday, June 20th  at 11:59 p.m.) The money benefits the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation Clasped Hands Fund. Sisters will proudly wear their violets on their name-tags.

1. Have Fun & Bring your ADPi Spirit!
Most importantly, we want you all to have fun at Leadership Seminar! Enjoy your experience, it will go by quickly!

Whats on your top 10 list? Let us know in the comments below!

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