Who should go to The Adelphean Compass and IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi


Leadership Seminar Circle Logo for WEBThis year, Leadership Seminar is hosting five separate tracks and two different tracks for collegians. The Adelphean Compass and IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi help collegians learn how to become better chapter officers, but who should attend these programs?

We’re posting a short overview of each program. On Monday, we will be posting about the different ways that chapters decide who to bring to IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi and who (if any) chapter officers should attend The Adelphean Compass.

The Adelphean Compass is a leadership seminar geared for current chapter presidents and all presidents should attend. This program emphasizes a focus on leading with self, vision, action, and relationships. Chapter Presidents learn how to lead while still taking into account different perspectives, as well as, how to take initiative and act as an inspirational role model.

This year The Adelphean Compass program has been opened up for other chapter leaders. There is a limited number of space available for these other chapter officers so please register the chapter officer you think would benefit from this training before space fills up.

IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi is for emerging leaders and each chapter is required to have one emerging leader attend. Underclassmen sisters who hold a chapter office are great candidates. The program, based off our Creed, helps participants learn to influence the future of Alpha Delta Pi and their chapters, as well as, look to themselves for personal change and growth.

Have you been to The Adelphean Compass or IMPACT Alpha Delta Pi? Tell us about your experience in the comments below! 



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