The DLC Chronicles… Part Two!

The DLC Chronicles |

The next installment of the DLC Chronicles is here! Read the first part here for a little more information about the concept of the DLC Chronicles.  Our DLC bloggers had a great time at their respective DLCs. Here’s what happened at District III and District IV DLC!

Dana Swanson, Theta Eta-Drake University, Recruitment and Marketing Vice President

The bus ride to DLC!
The bus ride to DLC!

As DLC started for District IV I faced the sad realization that this would be my final leadership conference as a collegian. In 2012 I was the philanthropy chair for Theta Eta, 2013 I was the Recruitment Vice President, and for 2014 I am holding my second term as Recruitment and Marketing Vice President with a new title. I have seen the sisters in my chapter grow, struggle, and thrive. And each DLC I have found new tips and tricks to better my position. But this year was a totally new perspective for me.

Theta Eta is going to be five years old in April and until 2013 we had never met or pledged quota. It has been hard being the newest chapter on campus and it has taken many sisters’ dedication and hard work to make Theta Eta grow. After two DLCs I have been accustomed to not being eligible for as many rewards possible because we hadn’t met quota or reached total. Nonetheless as Theta Eta received awards, tears started to well in all of our eyes. We received an award for everything but two subjects. Dana 3We were recognized by our district and had a shout out from Renee Bailey Iacona at DLC for attaining quota and constantly working on our COR efforts. But what made District IV DLC the best was when we were invited to participate in a tradition that started in 2007. I’m sure each district has their own traditions, we sure do. One special tradition we have is a lion named Rudy, an award for the chapter that has grown the most and moved past the most obstacles in the last year. Rudy has gone home with Hanover College, Manitoba, and South Dakota School of Mines in the past. He brings good luck to every chapter he visits and he is a much earned award. Ever since I was Philanthropy chair I have been wishing that my chapter would earn Rudy. When it was time for Rudy to be given out my sister president, Lindy, looked at me. Ms. Sloan, our District Team Director, started to describe our chapter. And then before we knew it she shouted into the microphone, “Theta Eta!” Not only had my dream come true but I realized I was part of the cause…

When you go to DLC for a third time you go unsure about what you are going to learn. This year, I didn’t get as many COR ideas or learn about a new manual. Instead I learned to appreciate my sisters through the words of our creed because each individual member in our organization is how we make dreams come true. We have to live by our creed. Put our full effort into everything we do for ourselves and for our sorority. We truly do live for each other through every action, and I hope this lesson is something I can look back on every year even when I can’t be at DLC with my sisters.

Dana 2

Melissa Fann, Omicron-Duke University, Panhellenic Advisor for Alpha Iota-Pitt

Alpha Iota's centerpiece.
Alpha Iota’s centerpiece.

We arrived at the hotel on Friday night to a wonderful sea of sisters from all across the district! We were excited to get our bags into our rooms and go out to dinner. We decided to go to a nearby Thai restaurant called Pat Thai. We learned that one of our sisters had never had Thai food, so that was exciting. After dinner we came back to prepare for the next day. We knew we were in store for a jam-packed day of training and ADPi excitement.

Since this is my first year as the Alpha Iota Panhellenic Advisor, I decided to attend the first portion of the Panhellenic Delegate session led by Mrs. Nicole Chambers. It was great to hear a little from each officer about their respective school. It seems like Greek Life is growing across our district, which is fantastic news! We heard some great ideas from our sisters. One in particular came up when discussing various ways to become more involved in the campus Greek community. The event that the chapter hosted was a brunch where each sister invited a woman from another sorority on campus. What an awesome idea to promote Greek Unity!

During the lunch hour I attended the social media presentation and learned some new facts about Pinterest (Pins without faces are more likely to be re-pinned than Pins with faces). Social media is one way that we can make an impression on Potential New Members year-round. Collegians are realizing the importance of social media in their personal and professional lives.

Alpha Iota Advisors, Paloma and myself!
Here’s a picture of me with Paloma! 

For the remainder of the day I attended the advisor sessions with my co-advisor and DLC roommate, Paloma Baffoni (Alpha Iota Recruitment Advisor). We had some interesting discussions with our sister advisors about how to handle touchy scenarios that we may encounter from time to time. We were able to compare our experiences and discuss how the existence of a House Corporation can affect the scenarios that were presented.

Alpha Iota at DLC
Alpha Iota at DLC

In between the sessions we had time to go to the Sorority Spirit shop and to the Alumnae Reception where we talked to some of the International Officers and sister advisors. Thanks to the local Alumnae Association for hosting such a great event!

The evening concluded with a fun Total Membership Education session and activities. All of the chapter officers had a great time learning what is in store for our next Alpha class!

What a day! So much training all in one weekend! #DLC2014 #DIII

Jeannie Ayoub, Beta Tau-University of Akron, Chapter President

“Deep in my heart, I love my ADPi, I love my A-A D-D Pi, I love it, I love it, I love it!”

Beta Tau at DLC
Beta Tau at DLC

I do not think there are any more appropriate words to sum up the bundle of energy and enthusiasm that permeated the Plaza Ballrooms of the Sheraton at Keystone this weekend for District IV Leadership Conference. Having gone to DLC before, I knew a little bit about what would happen. There would be so much cheering even cheer camps would be jealous, we would have amazing speakers, and breakout sessions would pack our brains full of information.

The last time I attended DLC, in 2012 as the Director of Standards and Ethics, I was so amazed by all of our International Officers and our sisters from around the district. This year was no different. Amanda Sloan, the District Team Director, welcomed everyone with the Roll Call and introduced Renee Bailey Iacona, the International Vice President of Alumnae Membership on Grand Council. Hearing a member of Grand Council speak is one of the most inspiring things I have ever had the privilege of doing. Ms. Iacona bleeds blue, as she puts it, and that is something to beautiful to me. The District Leadership Conference theme, I Believe…, shows us that we all bleed blue, too.

In the breakout session, I was not sure what to expect. Being Chapter President is not an easily definable task. We oversee so much but trust that every officer takes care of her responsibilities. We were lucky to have Amanda Sloan as our amazing session leader. Instead of going over the packets and manual provided, we talked about real situations and relationships. As Chapter Presidents, we asked questions and helped one another by sharing our experiences. I learned about successful programs other chapters implement, and shared some of Beta Tau’s successful programs as well. In that breakout session, I truly felt our motto, “We Live for Each Other.”

The entirety of DLC helped reaffirm my goals as Chapter President of Beta Tau. I want every sister to live by our Creed, I want us to reach our lofty goals that set us above the rest, and I want us to always remember that we are the First, Finest, Forever. My personal goals were also reaffirmed. I want to lead with confidence and humility, courage and tolerance, I want to bleed blue and never forget my passion for Alpha Delta Pi.

“I believe in Alpha Delta Pi. I believe that my sorority is more than a ritual or a symbol, that it is a way of life.”

Jeannie 2


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