The DLC Chronicles… Part One!

The DLC Chronicles |

It’s that time of year again! District Leadership Conference, DLC for short, was hosted for three districts this past weekend and we still have three more DLCs across the country in February. In case you didn’t know, Alpha Delta Pi chapters are split up into 6 geographic districts, you can find a map of the districts here.

DLC offers training for collegiate officers, advisors, and House Corporation board members, as well as, a chance for International Officers to meet with their District team to discuss strategy and the future.

We wanted to share all of these different DLC experiences on the blog so we came up with the DLC Chronicles. Without further ado, here are some of our DLC bloggers recapping about their experience!

Dakota Issacs, Zeta Sigma-College of Charleston, Executive Vice President

Here's Dakota (center)with my Little Diamond sisters.
Here’s Dakota (center)with her Little Diamond sisters (who are both on Zeta Sigma’s exec board!).

And that’s a—loud, spirited, and glittery—wrap! As the annual District 1 Leadership Conference came to a close Sunday evening, sisters from around the Southeast poured out of the Renaissance Waverly Atlanta, ready to put their ideas into action.

As the Executive Vice President for Zeta Sigma at the College of Charleston, I came into DLC weekend expecting to be inundated with information that I feared would overwhelm me. While there was plenty of information distributed, I felt prepared and was able to use my experiences within my position thus far to really digest what we were learning. Saturday began with the greatly anticipated roll-call, followed by Dr. Pelletier’s introductions of the extraordinary volunteers who selflessly devote their time to making sure our organization continues to thrive.

During the break-out officer sessions, the rooms buzzed with energy and fresh ideas. My session in particular inspired me to revamp many of the programs I believe need boosting within my chapter. It was incredibly helpful to be able to bounce ideas off of one another and connect with sisters from miles (and hundreds of miles) away. The theme for the weekend was “I Believe..” which could be interpreted in a variety of ways. For me, I took this headline as a way to re-focus and bring each session back to our core values.

During the session, “I believe…Leadership requires Confidence Tempered with Humility,” I was able to firm-up some of the goals I had created for myself in the EVP role. First, I want to take full advantage of the GIN system. Throughout the sessions with other EVPs, I had so many great tips and tricks about how to make use of this highly efficient system, and know it is something Zeta Sigma can incorporate into our chapter. Secondly, I want to become a positive role model for younger officers and instill confidence in them as they make their way through our chapter. Last but not least, my goal for the rest of the Spring semester is to aid in creating committees so that all of our current Executive Board can become leaders by example.

Zeta Sigma at DLC
Zeta Sigma at DLC.

Throughout my experience at DLC, I was challenged mentally to be the best version of myself possible, and without a doubt this is something I will bring back to Zeta Sigma.

I believe that my sorority is more than a symbol, that it is a way of life.

Kate Carrubba, Theta Pi House Corporation Secretary, Eta Chi-Villanova University

A little bit about me: I hold the position of Secretary of the Theta Pi House Corporation. My chapter, Eta Chi, did not have a chapter house, so working with House Corp is very new to me! Nevertheless, I have had a wonderful time working with the other HC members to get Theta Pi’s new home up and running!

The Theta Pi House.
The Theta Pi House.

As a House Corporation board member for Theta Pi, I had the opportunity to attend my very first DLC last weekend! I joined the rest of District VI in Orange County for a weekend of leadership and sisterhood.

Attending DLC as a member of House Corp is definitely more relaxing than attending as a collegian or advisor! I arrived in Orange County on Friday night and did not have any meetings to attend, so I turned in early. Saturday began early with the general session meeting; chapter roll call and the awards were lengthy but fun to see!

The first meeting I attended was a joint session with chapter advisors and House Corp members. In this meeting, I learned a lot about the responsibilities associated with each individual advisor role, which was quite eye opening! From a HC perspective, we were able to discuss the responsibilities of chapter advisors in relation to housing, with a focus on the ever-present issue of empty beds in the house. We brainstormed solutions to situations such as when a collegian has committed to live in the house but then decides to spend a term abroad; in a smaller house like Theta Pi’s, this can mean the difference between profit and loss for the HC.

After lunch on Saturday, I headed off to a House Corp-only meeting with Melinda Hall, the Housing Resource Director for District VI and our main liaison with Executive Office. We also met with Jennifer Polley Webb, the Executive Director for the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. Mrs. Webb explained how the Foundation could aid us in large-scale fundraising efforts for chapter houses, which I had never considered before. Needless to say, we were all VERY excited and immediately began brainstorming how we could work together to take advantage of the resources offered by the Foundation!

The part of DLC that has stuck with me the most is International President Tammie Pinkston’s address at the closing meeting. She said “What you do matters. You are a steward of this organization.” Alpha Delta Pi has given me so much, and serving the sorority as an alumna is how I can begin to repay that gift. I am excited to get back to work with Theta Pi and continue my work making the Pi Palace a home away from home for the chapter women!

Lauren Caldwell Dukes, Zeta Zeta-Georgia Regents University Membership Education Advisor, Zeta Sigma-College of Charleston

“I believe Alpha Delta Pi is a platform for a lifetime!” These are the words shared with all District 1 attendees by Grand Council member Jennifer Siler (IVP of Communications) as she welcomed us to DLC this past weekend. I don’t think there is a better “I believe” statement that sums up what it means to be an Alpha Delta Pi alumna in today’s society. For those that do not know me, my name is Lauren Caldwell Dukes (or “Lc” as most commonly known in the ADPi world), and I am a Zeta Sigma-College of Charleston alumna who came home to ADPi in 2005. Since graduation I have served as Leadership Consultant and now advise for our Zeta Zeta Chapter at Georgia Regents University (formerly Augusta State University), here in Augusta, Georgia!

Zeta Zeta at DLC!
Zeta Zeta at DLC!

This weekend was filled with the usual officer training, late night Executive Board meetings, matching outfits, and so much more to get you in the ADPi spirit. The amount of lions, diamonds, and pearls (Oh my!) in Atlanta this weekend helped to melt away Snowmagedon with all of the shining diamonds and smiling faces our organization brought together. For many of you, as you went to DLC as a collegian you learned of the ways to better improve and sustain your chapter. That is all fine and good for the four years you are there, but as many of us have heard before, Alpha Delta Pi is for a lifetime.

As an alumna attendee you are empowered with the tools needed to take back to your chapter and engage them in preparing for the future as successful woman and how to teach them the many ways they can benefit and stay involved with ADPi after graduation. Some of the high points Mrs. Silver spoke on included, providing a stronger and more robust infrastructure, enriching member experience, educating and inspiring future leaders, and most importantly, what you do matters.

Lauren 3This weekend sisters of all different ages, backgrounds, areas, and more gathered to celebrate the continuation and growth of our sorority so that we can maintain the highest ideals of Christian womanhood. One of the best gifts we received this weekend was a card to place in our wallet with the creed on it. This was such a fabulous gift as I was able to place it with the smaller copy of my initiation certificate and our famous “DWYSYWD,” (Do what you say you will do!) card as well. These three small pieces of paper and plastic serve as a daily reminder of how we live for each other and for Alpha Delta Pi. It is right there in your wallet, when you need a pick me up, have a stressful day, or especially as advisors, when you are faced with difficult decisions regarding members and your chapters. You can always remember that Eugenia is tucked away right beside you and that Alpha Delta Pi will always be with you every step of the way.

Here's LC with Tracy Garner.
Here’s Lc with Tracy Garner.

Another heart felt gift we all benefitted from was the knowledge and presence of our Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. Many alumna know the Foundation simply as the quarterly letters you receive asking for donations, your adorable address labels, or greeting from a sister on the board. This weekend we were educated by longtime sister and friend, Tracy Garner on the benefits that both collegians and alumnae will gain from the Foundation. The most emotional part of the weekend was seeing the video showcasing Memorial Headquarters and Executive Office in all its glory. As a former Consultant, I was honored to have a home found in these two buildings as this is where the Consultants stay for training, breaks, and end of the year activities in the “Bunk Room.” In District 1 we are lucky enough to be close to these buildings and visit them as well as Wesleyan, Rose Hill cemetery, and many more historic ADPi landmarks, but many of our sisters may never have this opportunity. This video was so wonderful to see, as myself and most every other consultant in the rooms shed tears of joy and memories, and now Memorial Headquarters and Executive Office can “come home” to all of our chapters across the United States and Canada.

Here's LC with Amber.
Here’s Lc with Amber.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to share new experiences with my advisor sisters, consultant sisters, the chapter sisters I advise, many advisors and chapters I visited as a consultant, and most fondly, my home chapter who is now advised by my college roommate, former advisor, and my first President, their Province Director, Amber Setzler Barnes. Dr. Kelly Pelliter said it best, “No one of us can do it alone.” If you have never been to a District Leadership Conference as an alumna, now is the time to sign on board helping with a chapter or alumnae association and benefit from the amazing programs offered by our incredible organization.

Zeta Sigma alumnae at DLC.
Zeta Sigma alumnae at DLC.

Be on the look out for part two of the DLC Chronicles later in the month!

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  1. Love hearing about other chapters’ goals! Especially when someone is in the same position you serve (current EVP), or similar to what you have served (former MEVP). Can’t wait for District IV’s DLC in 2 short weeks!

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