Celebrate Eugenia’s Birthday With These Fun Downloads!

eugeniatuckerHello sisters! Today, we’re celebrating the birthday of the one and only Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald! Alpha Delta Pi created downloads (farther down in this post) to help celebrate and remember Eugenia on her birthday.

Eugenia would have turned 180 years old today. Here’s an excerpt from More Sisters (pg. 6) about the start of Alpha Delta Pi and Eugenia.

Founded on May 15th, 1851, Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest secret society for college aged women in the world. Established at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, the first college chartered to grant degrees to women in the world, the story of Alpha Delta pi is a remarkable one. And, it all began as a young girl’s dream.

Eugenia Tucker was just sixteen years old when she left her family home in Laurens County, Georgia, to enter Wesleyan College. Before the end of her first year she would establish the first sorority in the world.

Eugenia’s interest in her beloved sorority was life-long and she became known as Mother Fitzgerald later on in life. Eugenia died on December 10th, 1928, just one month before her ninety-fifth birthday.

We’re taking a moment today to think about the story of Alpha Delta Pi and the legacy left behind by Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald. You can think about the legacy Eugenia had on Alpha Delta Pi everyday by using these downloads that depict this quote from her.

“Remember that whatever I have done worth remembering, I know that the founding of our society was one of them.”
– Affectionately Mother Fitzgerald

Celebrate Eugenia’s Birthday with these fun downloads for your computer, iPad, cell phone and Facebook.

P.s. click on image in a new window to see it full size.

Computer Wallpaper

ETF Quote Computer Background

Wide Screen Computer Wallpaper

ETF Quote Wide Screen Computer Background

iPad Wallpaper

ETF Quote iPad Wallpaper | www.alphadeltapinlog.com

iPhone Wallpaper

ETF Quote iPhone wallpaper | www.alphadeltapiblog.com

Facebook Cover Photo

ETF Quote Facebook Cover Photo | www.alphadeltapiblog.com

Enjoy sisters!


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