Guest Post: Starting 2014 Fresh, Fit and Healthy

Starting 2014 Fresh, Fit and Healthy |

By: Sarah Grace, Gamma Iota-University of Florida, Fresh Fit N Healthy

We see it happen every single year. The “brand new year” rolls around, everyone makes new “resolutions”, and for the first month you can barely squeeze into the gym or snag a machine up in college or back at home, and all of us students are clustered at the checkout line of the grocery store buying a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables (or in our case, clustered around the salad bar at Alpha Delta Pi). And then the January ends, and the motivation tends to dwindle…

Do you see this a lot? I sure do! I’m even guilty of “being one of those” that do that exact thing in my past! But guess what? I learned a secret that has helped me move past being “healthy” for one month. I don’t make resolutions.

Say what?! Yes, that is right, I don’t make any. Why? Because for me, I like to see it as a lifestyle, not a “list of do’s and don’ts”.

I still strive to motivate myself to keep a fit life filled with healthy foods as well, but it is more of a decision I make daily, each month of the year, instead of just a week before January 1st rolls around and everyone is making their “resolution list”. Maybe they work for you, but lists tend to fail miserably for me. I get excited for the first few weeks about it and trying to meet everything on it. But as soon as that excitement wears off, away goes my motivation, and I’m stuck back in my old ways.

Want to jump on board with me and decide to start living healthier in every aspect each and every month, instead of making a resolutions list? Here are some tips to get you started. And of course as always, feel free to stop by for even more Fresh ideas, Fit foods, and Healthy lifestyle tips.

Sarah Grace’s Healthy Lifestyle tips! 

1. Decide where you want to see yourself a year from now, and make changes based on that image.

2. Be realistic with number 1

3. Try to get out and active at least every other day (but really strive for every day). Even if it is just going on a walk with a friend around campus, or playing a pick up game of your favorite sport. (or click here for a promo I have going on until January 25th in which you can get a free 30 day trial of an online fitness program!)

4. Control your portions. Everything in moderation is what I live by. No setting goals of “no dessert” or “only ____ calories a day” or “no carbs”. These type of goals always fail after a point and lead in even more consumption. Have what you desire, but in moderation. And think before you get up to get seconds 

5. Stay hydrated. We hear it a lot, but it is so true that often you aren’t even hungry, but actually thirsty! Staying hydrated and limiting sodas and caffeinated drinks will help you stay slim for Spring break 🙂

6. Strength train! My favorite thing to do lately is not to run, or do any cardio, but go to the gym and lift. Muscle may weigh more than fat, but you will certainly look better toned in that bikini this spring. And don’t worry; lifting will not make you look like a man overnight, I promise. It simply helps you burn more calories throughout the day, and gives you that tight body you desire.

7. Don’t start a diet. Simply focus on healthy eating. This will produce better long-term results as you begin to truly desire and love healthy foods instead of the fried ones. Load up on the veggies, fruits, and lean proteins at meals, and make sure you eat breakfast!

8. When you are stressed or emotional, as we know we will all be at some point or another this semester, find something you love to do or that gives you joy aside from food. Instead of turning to the pantry or ice cream carton, call a friend, go on a walk, journal, or do whatever makes you happy! 🙂

9. Plan ahead. My favorite saying, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Realize that you will be rushed in the morning, and make breakfast/lunch ready to go the night before. Remember that you have a long day of classes or work, and pack a healthy snack so that you don’t turn to unhealthy vending or fast food options. Not creative when it comes to making your own food or snacks? No worries, that is one category [and the ONLY one] that I am a bit creative in. So head on over to!

Pi Love,
Xoxo Sarah Grace

Editor’s note: Don’t forget to check out Sarah Grace’s recipe index to see all of her great healthy recipes. Would you like to be a guest blogger for the Alpha Delta Pi Blog? Click here for more information!


Sarah Grace Fresh Fit N Healthy | www.freshfitnhealthy.comHi my name is Sarah Grace, and I’m a member of the Gamma Iota chapter here at the University of Florida! After discovering my growing passion for healthy cooking and fitness as I came to college, I started a blog called Fresh Fit N Healthy last spring in order to share what I love to do and help those around me live a healthy and fit life. It has made my heart so happy to see what doors God has already opened for me.

CONNECT WITH SARAH GRACE: Blog: Facebook page:, Instagram account: @freshfitnhealthy or contact her at:


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