Guest Post: Motivation for the New Semester

Your Sorority SisterHi there! My name is Jen and I blog over at Your Sorority Sister. I started blogging right before finishing undergrad and have loved getting to talk with so many sorority women from all over. Since then, I have gone on to receive my Masters degree and now work with fraternities and sororities on a campus. While I don’t disclose my affiliation, I do understand the importance of sorority life for all its members. Having served as a chapter leader and now an advisor, I see the struggles that chapter leaders face on a daily basis. I love helping out other sorority women and hope this post serves as inspiration as you begin a new year!

We begin each year by making goals to better ourselves as individuals. We aspire to be healthier, organize our lives, go on more adventures, leave the past in the past, and more. In this 365 day journey we often lose sight of these goals and promise we will do better next year. However, we have to hold ourselves accountable and fortunately we have people that can help us do that. Our family, friends, and sorority sisters are there to guide us and pick us up along the way.

For over 160 years (that’s over 58,400 days), Alpha Delta Pi has made its goal to better the lives of its members. Thankfully, the goals for the organization were outlined long ago – scholarship, leadership, service to others, and sisterhood. As a chapter leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that these goals remain consistent. Alpha Delta Pi has the longest legacy of any other women’s fraternity/sorority and the only way it can continue is with you. Over the next 365 days as a chapter leader, you will no doubt encounter tough times that may make you want to give it all up, but just like with our personal goals we have family, friends, and sorority sisters there to guide us and pick us up along the way.

I think we can all agree that our sorority membership makes us better individuals, but we also have to agree that starting this year out on the right foot is the only way to make it a success. This is your year to make a difference for Alpha Delta Pi. Some of you will only get this one chance to make a difference as a chapter leader. It’s not too late to resolve to not only better yourself, but to also better Alpha Delta Pi on your campus.

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