Apply to be a 2014-2015 Leadership Consultant

By: the 2013-2014 Leadership Consultants

Hey that's us! The 2013-2014 Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Consultants during our trip to Macon, Ga.
Hey that’s us! The 2013-2014 Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Consultants during our trip to Macon, Ga.

As Leadership Consultants, we have the opportunity to travel the US and Canada helping chapters achieve their goals. This year, we have also worked closely with colonies and newly installed chapters – specifically at Tulane University, Ole Miss, West Chester University, Sacred Heart University, and Mississippi State.

LCs Katie and Lauren at West Chester Bid Day!
LCs Katie and Lauren at West Chester Bid Day!

Every day is incredibly different. You may meet with several chapter members, the Fraternity & Sorority Advisor, and attend team meetings all in one day. Some days you will lose your voice cheering on the ADPi intramural team in soccer, and on other days you will watch a chapter unite while they recruit an amazing Alpha class. Not to mention, your commitment to Alpha Delta Pi will be renewed through experiencing ritual from coast to coast.

This job is truly unique and has taught us more than we could have ever imagined. Not only do Leadership Consultants work with collegians across the country but we also work with International Officers and current and past Grand Council members. This gives us the opportunity to learn even more about Alpha Delta Pi as a life-long commitment. On top of that, we have learned a lot about independence, patience, and sisterhood. While it may sound terrifying, the thrill of getting to live in and learn about an entirely new part of the country is something to cherish for the rest of your life.

LC Katherine (right) helping with formal recruitment at Theta Mu!
LC Katherine (right) helping with formal recruitment at Theta Mu!

As an LC, many aspects of daily life are no longer in your control – such as when you eat, where (and when) you sleep, how to get from point A to point B, etc. – so it is important to be patient and flexible! It is in those moments when you get to know Alpha Delta Pi members the most and when you get to inspire them to grow as a leader in their chapter. Each chapter experiences sisterhood in different ways, but being able to show up on a random college campus and instantly feel comfortable with a room full of women you’ve never met is a true testament to the bonds of Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood we all share. In no other job will you meet women you have known for less than 5 days but feel like you’ve known your whole life.

Logan and Jessica at OM Caroline and Haley
Left: LC Logan and SLC Jessica tabling during our recolonization of Ole Miss! Right: LCs Caroline and Haley cheering on Mississippi State with Epsilon Eta chapter members!

Below are some of our tips for applying to be a Leadership Consultant!

  1. Make sure to start your application ahead of time and take your completing it. It is a long application that has many parts, but it is even easier to complete now that it is online! You want to make sure that you include all of your activities, accomplishments and leadership positions. Being an LC requires flexibility and a diverse set of skills, be sure to illustrate what skills you possess with concrete examples if you are asked to an interview!
  2. Be open about your experience as a member in Alpha Delta Pi. It’s okay to have struggles through your membership or in your chapter. Those obstacles brought you to where you are so don’t hide that. They’ve only made you stronger.
  3. You don’t have to have been a Chapter President or even a member of the Executive Committee to apply. There is no cookie cutter LC.
  4. Be yourself. Be true to who you are in the application and even as you continue with the application process and have phone-interviews and in-person interviews
  5. Go to Career Services on campus and have a mock interview. You can never have too much practice!

Applying to be an Alpha Delta Pi Leadership Consultant is easily one of the best decisions we made during our college career, second only to coming home to Alpha Delta Pi in the first place. This organization began changing our lives the minute we joined. Being a consultant will not only continue to change your life for the better, but allow you to change the lives of other sisters across the country as well – and what better job can you have than that?

To learn more about the Leadership Consultant program and apply to be a 2014-2014 LC, please visit the Alpha Delta Pi website. Application materials are due on December 1st. Good luck, sisters!

LCs in Macon Instagram Katie and Katherine at Penn


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