Insta-PR? Gramming Up A Social Media Storm!

By Jackie Mills, Phi-Hanover College, Recruitment and Marketing Director, District IV

Beta Upsilon Spirit Week AO insta

Besides SnapChat, what is the hottest social media channel on the market? Three guesses, and the first two don’t count. It’s Instagram!

As you know by now, it’s not just about fashion and food photos anymore (though, of course you can share those snapshots). Instagram is a powerful visual tool that top brands are leveraging and with the recently introduced video feature (complete with new filters) there’s no excuse for your chapters not to be Gramming!

Instagramming Your Way To Pi-Tastic PR

Like any other channel, Instagram follows similar rules as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  • UCF Day 1Be Creative & Have Fun!! While exploding in popularity, Instagram has changed the way we see the world—so have fun sharing and experiment with new photos and video content, try out new filters, etc.
  • Keep It Classy!! Make sure your photographs and videos reflect the values of ADPi at all times.  (If you tag your chapter in a personal photo or video, the same rules apply. Think classy and chic!)
  • Use Hashtags, Especially #ADPi Or #AlphaDeltaPi!! Hashtags help increase the reach of your photos and videos. Don’t forget to @AlphaDeltaPi too—you never know what might be re-grammed!!
  • Follow Panhellenic Council Rules!! With Spirit Week and Formal Recruitment, you want to make sure you are abiding by all Greek Life policies. It’s also important with Spirit Week and Formal Recruitment that you don’t overshare before interested women have a chance to walk through your doors.
  • LCs in Macon InstagramSee What Others Are Up To!! Let’s be honest–who is not good at online “stalking”? Watch what other brand leaders are doing on Instagram, such as Target, Anthropologie, etc. Of course, check out what other ADPi chapters (including the fabulous ADPi LCs) are sharing on Instagram too. See if you can apply some of their innovation to your own chapter marketing!

Wait. What Should We Instagram?

  • ADPi August Photo ChallengeContests!! Over the summer, several chapters launched contests for sisters to post pictures on Instagram following a certain theme (Diamond Sisters, Formals, etc.) with a specific hashtag. Great way to stay in touch over those looooong summer months! Leading up to Formal Recruitment, many chapters also have a list of daily photos for sisters to post around themes going into the start of the school year. Not only terrific PR, but it gets members excited about coming back to ADPi for Spirit Week.
  • Spirit Week!! Videos, videos, and more videos! Showcase your awesome chants you use throughout the year, fun get-to-know you activities, highlights of move-in day—get creative! Show people what is like a day in the life of ADPi. Use Instagram, within your Panhellenic Council rules, to show why ADPi is so excited for Recruitment! Epsilon Kappa chapter
  • Formal Recruitment!! Pictures! Show how snappy all your sisters look getting ready for rounds—use group shots in front of letters, different graduating classes, etc. It’s like Facebook, with filters—and make sure you are operating in Greek Life guidelines. Obviously, Bid Day is an ideal Instagram event!! Blow up your followers’ feeds with pictures of you welcoming home your New Members!
  • Throwback Thursdays!! Who doesn’t love a good Throwback Thursday? Thursdays are an awesome way to highlight past events for your chapter—whether recent or even historical. Going into a key anniversary year? Work with your alumnae to showcase their pictures too!!
  • General Public Relations!! Don’t forget about Instagram once Formal Recruitment and Spirit Week are over! Instagram opportunities are everywhere—videos of sisters cheering on sports teams, pictures highlighting sisters of the week, diamond pictures of sisters abroad, videos of volunteering at RMH, the list goes on and on.

Every day, I see chapters doing new and exciting things with Instagram! Share your great ideas in the comments below—I would love to see what has worked for you and your chapter!

Feel free to connect with me at @JackieSueMills if you have questions or link up on Instagram with me—I love to follow ADPi chapters for new ideas and trends!

Happy Gramming!


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