Formal Recruitment In 140 Characters Or Less. No, Really.

Formal Recruitment Chapter Twitter Tips PR

By Jackie Mills, Recruitment and Marketing Director for District IV, Phi-Hanover College

Excited for Formal Recruitment? Absolutely!

Is your social media just as excited too? You’ve more than likely mastered Facebook already—sleek cover photos, great status updates, lots of friends. What about Twitter? Twitter is the perfect tool to get your chapter members excited for Spirit Week and Formal Recruitment, show Panhellenic Council support and unity on campus, and share about your sisterhood (within Panhellenic rules, of course!).

Ready To Rock Twitter? Here Are The Basics. 

  • Be Panhellenic – First of all, every campus has different rules with respect to Twitter in FR, so follow them to a T.
  • Create a strategy – Since Spirit Week and Formal Recruitment are so busy, make sure you have a plan in place—decide when tweets are being sent and ensure that the content follows Panhellenic Council rules
  • Assign roles – Your RVP and FRC and going to be extremely busy, with very little time to tweet. Make sure you have a designated go-to tweeter who will take care of the account. It can be your PR Chair, other Recruitment Committee members, whoever!
  • Keep it classy and fabulous – Remember that you are representing your chapter, Alpha Delta Pi, and the entire Panhellenic Community too. Classy. Fabulous. Go!

Stuck On What To Tweet? Start Here.

  • Retweet the @AlphaDeltaPi twitter handle —lots of great information (Editor’s note: we love the shoutout. Don’t just Retweet interact with @AlphaDeltaPi too!)
  • Interact with other ADPi chapters—follow them, re-tweet, and send them well-wishes
  • Ask members to share favorite memories from previous Spirit Weeks and Formal Recruitments, then retweet the best (great hashtag opportunity!)
  • Share pictures or tweets from sisters over the summer throwing diamonds, hanging out, etc.
  • Talk about how excited the chapter is for FR — that never goes out of style
  • Wish all students, faculty, and staff the start of a great school year!  (this is when a tweet scheduler comes in handy if you want to mention different groups. Read below for more info!)
  • Share fun facts about ADPi in general — or even your chapter history. The Digital Archives  is a great way to look for some amazing ADPi chapter trivia!
  • Offer encouragement to other sororities on campus
  • Retweet updates and news from your local Panhellenic Council

Don’t Leave Home Without…

  • Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. These tools will help you organize your Twitter life like no other.
  • Free tool to shorten links so you always stay under 140 characters.
  • Panhellenic Council Recruitment Rules. Ha Ha. Seriously, though.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Recruitment and Marketing Directors. I’m happy to help in any way I can too–you can reach me anytime at @JackieSueMills! Have other fab ideas for Twitter to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

I’m also incredibly grateful to these amazing talented Twitter aficionados for their help and recommendations with this post: @amandabnguyen, @EAStallings, @hust0058, @jessiegarber, and @NancyJOben.



    1. Thank you so much DVH! I’m thrilled you liked the post! Congratulations again on $1 million raised by the Foundation!!

    1. Thanks Ashlyn–I owe a ton of thanks to you!! Hopefully I’ll make it to ATL sometime soon and we can lunch it up! 🙂

  1. HootSuite is the Bomb for scheduling posts. Know when rounds will end and PNMs are sure to be on Twitter – schedule your most impactful posts then!

  2. Pam, most definitely! Great idea to leverage HootSuite! I do know some campuses dictate what/when chapters can share during FR, but they should absolutely maximize any opportunities within those rules. It looks like you are quite the social media expert yourself–feel free to share any other tips you have too! I know our chapters would love hearing them! 🙂

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