What It’s Like To Be An Alpha Delta Pi Intern at EO

“Good Afternoon, Alpha Delta Pi.”

Ever wondered who answers the phone with this greeting at Alpha Delta Pi Executive Office? Well for the past six weeks… it’s been us. Your 2013 Alpha Delta Pi Executive Office interns!

Alpha Delta Pi 2013 Intern
Here we are on our first day of work! From left to right we have Hannah Joy, Xi-Ohio University, Elkin Girgenti, Eta Pi-Virginia Tech, Aubrey May, Gamma Rho-Arizona State University, Kaley Tabor, Beta Psi-University of Kentucky, Clara Pennington, Beta Epsilon-University of South Carolina, Lynette Bordignon, Epsilon Mu-University of Northern Iowa, Nicole Heim, Alpha Omicron-Oklahoma State University, and Rachel Kerr, Epsilon Psi-Tennessee Tech University.

So what have our lives been like at Executive Office this summer?

8:30 a.m. and time to wake up! Coffee is brewing, curling irons are heating, and we are ready to get ready for a day of work!

10:00 a.m. quickly approaches and we go down the stairs to find out what we’ll be doing for the day.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we get to shadow Executive Office Staff members. We get to stick with the same staff members all summer, but the positions we’re shadowing apply to our majors and/or future career goals.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays we help out doing whatever is needed around the office. For example, we answer phones, pack/unpack, and really work hard to do whatever needs “doing.”

11:00 a.m. comes quickly and we begin doing various tasks. Before convention we helped pack, write violets for the Foundation, and worked as helping hands for all of the staff. After Convention, we stuffed Alpha packets, helped with Expansion, and unpacked

12:00 p.m. begins our lunch hour! We heat up our lean cuisines, drink our diet cokes, and take our handful of pretzel m&ms (yum!).

1:00 p.m. starts our afternoon tasks! We answer phones at the front desk, finish morning tasks, and run on any errands staff members need.

The rest of the afternoon consists of finishing and/or starting projects! We’ve gotten to paint letters for new colonies, make iMovies for Convention, write press releases for the foundation, and have the opportunity to learn more about Alpha Delta Pi!

4:00 p.m. Our workday ends and after that it’s normally time for a Starbucks run for us!

ADPi Interns in MaconNot only did we spend our summer working on projects and exploring Atlanta, but also we got to have many adventures! We had dinner with International President Ms. Tammie Pinkston, had a visit to Macon, and got to go to the Ronald McDonald House of Atlanta! What amazing opportunities!

Interns at ARMHC

In addition to cooking for the wonderful RMHC in Atlanta, we got the opportunity to go to Grand Convention where we worked as Staff! This was the most amazing opportunity of the internship, because we got to see what all goes into being a staff member at Executive Office! Check out Hannah Joy’s blog post for a look into the life of an ADPi Staff member!

It was truly an amazing experience to meet so many sisters and to set up/strike down for every event we had! It was the experience of a lifetime and we are forever grateful!

It was absolutely amazing to have such once in a lifetime opportunities! Here we are with EO staff member Amanda Painer, Gamma Mu, who was our internship coordinator.
It was absolutely amazing to have such once in a lifetime opportunities! Here we are with EO staff member Amanda Painer, Gamma Mu, who was our internship coordinator.

So what did we do when we were off the clock?

Interns Hiking at Stone MountainExplored Atlanta of course! We climbed Stone Mountain, ate at Mary Mac’s tearoom (a MUST), and went shopping! (a lot).

Ultimately, we started as 8 sisters who didn’t know each other. We ended up on our last day teary-eyed and full of emotion as we watched everyone return to their hometowns. This internship is the true definition of “We Live For Each Other.”  The opportunities we’ve had and the memories we’ve made will not only last a lifetime but will hopefully inspire others to apply for this amazing internship!  Thank you for taking this journey with us!

Love and Loyally,

The “ADPinterns”

P.S. For more information on the ADPi intern program, click here!



  1. We will miss having you all at Executive Office! It was a joy to get to know you and a huge help to have you here! You all did a fantastic job and hopefully had fun too!

  2. Being an intern was great! If you apply and are lucky enough to become an intern it’s an experience of a life time. It’s amazing to learn professionally and personally. I personally learned I take really bad group pictures! I encourage anyone to apply!! Most of us have blogs about our experiences and you can contact us for more information.

  3. Each one of you did a fabulous job! It was a joy to meet each of you and see you in action at Grand Convention. Thanks for spending your summer internship with Alpha Delta Pi. You are so right, we do Live for Each Other! Violets to all!

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