Diamond Awards Banquet Through the Eyes of a Chapter President

By Aubree May, Gamma Rho-Arizona State University Chapter President and Executive Office Intern

Saturday night was full of sparkly dresses and awards that sparkle and shine.

As a chapter president I have attended Grand Convention as the representative of my chapter. For myself this has meant having meetings with several of my district team members. I’ve also been networking trying to meet past and current Grand Council Members and International Officers.

A little selfie I took during the breakout sessions.
A little selfie I took during the breakout sessions.

Today was a perfect day to represent yourself and your chapter in the breakout sessions. I attended a session on finding a job in the future, Women Wealth and Philanthropy, and Panhellenic Mediation. Learning about job hunting is an invaluable lesson to learn because it will directly affect your future, it was even greater learning from a sister who you know is truly living for you and has your best intrest at heart. We even found out some ways to insert our greek affliation into an interview!

The Glamour and Glitz of Grand Convention was tonight! Although last night was the Alumnae Boots and Bling dinner tonight is the night where we will see the ball gowns come out of the closet, the formal dresses reworn and a brand new purchases seen for the first time. It’s the Heart of Gold Awards Dinner, where coveted awards are given to chapters. For a chapter such as mine starting out on the award hierarchy tonight I am able to view the best chapters Alpha Delta Pi has to offer receive the Golden Lion Award. It’s incredibly inspiring to see the hard work years and years of officers have put into each chapter be awarded.

aubree golden lion flagsThe Golden Lion flag processional also allows the entire convention body to see the past and continued success of golden lion chapters.

The golden heart dinner is also the dinner that requires the most preparation with seating charts and toasting cups for each chapter and province. Toasts to Alpha Delta Pi, the US and Canda are given at the start of our meal.

The night was also a night to celebrate the past Leadership Consultants. They are presented with silver serving plates as a remembrance and thank you for serving their sisters around North America

The interns were also honored for their hard work it was incredible being recognized individually and I am so grateful for the opportunity to stand with my fellow interns before the entire convention body! 3 interns’ chapters won golden lion awards at tonight’s dinner! Which was even more exciting!


As a chapter president I would do anything to have my chapters Greek letters on a golden lion flag. It’s our highest honor and our hardest away to achieve but seeing presidents cry from joy and alumnae come from all over the ballroom to accept makes this the most coveted award for any president.

But Golden Lion is not the only award Diamond 4-Point, Excellence and Stanard are amazing awards as well that all require the chapter to put in hours of hard work.

Working for the success and betterment of your Chapter is a goal that every president has, and having the ability to be congratulated for your heard work is an amazing benefit of Alpha Delta Pi.

Here I am with Ms. Matthews. She is retiring after serving Grand Council as International VP of Collegiate Membership.
Here I am with Ms. Matthews. She is retiring after serving Grand Council as International VP of Collegiate Membership.

Retiring Grand Council members were thanked for their service with a tearful goodbye from Ms. Pinkston, then the new Grand Council was installed and presented with their Grand Council Golden badges.

After the installation of new Grand Council, the Convention body gathers for the roll call where you are to light a pen light when your Chapter of initiation is called. The room is slowly filled with light, then Grand Council recedes into the main gathering area to sing Alpha Delta Pi traditional songs. This was my favorite part convention as I was able to see and feel our ritual and the love each member has for Alpha Delta Pi.

I would like to close my post with a quote by Ms. Pinkston as I think it summarizes ADPi Deep in the Heart Grand Convention perfectly.

“Remember to enrich the lives of others, and yours in turn will be enriched”.


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