The Secret Life of the ADPi Intern

By Hannah Joy, Xi-Ohio University, Executive Office Intern

Your alarm goes off. It is 5:30 am and it is time to hop in the shower and get ready for a new day. This is the morning routine of all staff here at Grand Convention.

When I found out that I would be attending convention as an Executive Office intern and part of the staff I was extremely excited. I have gotten the unique opportunity, as a collegiate, to experience a different side of Convention.

It’s Friday, which means exploring Dallas, sparkles, and some good old-fashioned line dancing! Before any of that can take place staff has been hard at work preparing. Preparations to set up for registration and business meetings begin early. It was exciting to know that we were setting up for the meeting that would hold the elections for Grand Council later that morning!

My typical mornings are spent floating from registration, to the Foundation, to Sorority Spirit and really anyone that needs assistance. It is incredible how much goes into planning and executing this wonderful gathering. I have nothing but total respect and appreciation for all of the staff and volunteers that have dedicated their time and efforts.

Later in the afternoon I worked in Sorority Spirit. It was a delightful experience and I got to work on my folding skills!


It was awesome to get to chat with tons of sisters and give input to Marlene, the owner of Sorority Spirit, suggestions for future items and designs!

Also in the afternoon today, free time was offered to attendees. Tours of the Dallas World Aquarium, the Nasher Sculpture Center, and the museum at Dealy Plaza were offered to those who were interested. Luckily the staff was able to take an hour break to do what we please (most likely everyone chose the option of sleep). I decided to spend part of my free time finally getting to shop for all my ADPi  gear, well worth the lost nap.


Finally the part of the day everyone had been anticipating arrived, the Boots and Bling Old Timer’s dinner. You could look anywhere in the Grand Hall and see a sparkle out of the corner of your eye. I saw everything from silver light up cowboy hats and sequin dresses to ADPi tiaras and bejeweled boots. I took a few pictures of popular items of bling I saw our fashionable sisters sporting!

Fellow Intern Lynette (right) and myself in our boots and bling!
Fellow Intern Lynette (right) and myself in our boots and bling!


The dinner was a blast! Who can say no to fajitas and churros?! It was so cool to continue the tradition of the Convention song and see who had attended the most conventions. This year’s winner was Ginny Stafford, Past Grand President. There was definitely a lot of ADPi spirit in the building tonight. The alumnae awards given tonight were also very special. I know for myself it was definitely a catalyst to keep involved in ADPi after graduation and how much can result from it.

Line dancing really took the cake for the entertainment of the evening. Watching Grand Council (and everyone else) dance their hearts out to Country Girl (Shake It for Me) was too fun. Everyone had a wonderful time and seeing a room full of dancing women of all ages with huge smiles is just another reminder to me how beautiful ADPi is. The music list included a repertoire of the Wobble, Gangnam Style, and the Cupid Shuffle. Even my uncoordinated self snuck in for a dance with the other EO interns! My fellow intern Kaley (Beta Psi) and I snuck off for a photo by the Foundation, where we both shadow back in Atlanta!


While I go to bed late (hence the time of this post!) and wake up early I am so truly grateful for being able to attend Grand Convention. Having the experience to be an EO intern has connected me with so many sisters that I may not have ever gotten the chance to meet. The most rewarding thing for me is seeing all the work that is put in and seeing the end result of sisters taking part in this magical experience and loving every single moment of it. I wouldn’t trade being here for the world and this is honestly an experience I will never forget. Now it’s time for these interns to catch a few hours of sleep! I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings, but today is not one to be forgotten.


Did I already say that interns love to sleep?!



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